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Infusions Babies

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  • Blevit Digest Barriguitas Felices 150 g Blevit Digest Barriguitas Felices 150 g
    Blevit Digest Happy Bellies 150 g

    It comes in the form of an infusion. It helps to have a good digestion. Suitable for consumption in babies, adolescents and adults. Calms colic and stomach upset. Made from natural products. Activates the respiratory system.

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  • Blevit Sleep Happy Nights 150 g Blevit Sleep Happy Nights 150 g
    Blevit Sleep Happy Nights 150 g

    It comes in the form of an infusion. Suitable for consumption in children, adolescents and adults. It provides a restful rest. It helps relaxation. Rehydrates the body. It has a very pleasant taste.

    12,00 € -18.325% 9,80 €
  • Blevit L Laxative 150 g
    Out of stock
    Blevit L Laxative 150 g

    It is a product with properties laxatives.Helps to a better intestinal transit.It is composed based on natural products.It can be consumed from babies to adults.Help to constipation in babies.Regulates digestion.

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  • colimil 30 ml colimil 30 ml
    Out of stock
    Colimil 30 ml

    Colimil 30 ml at a dose of 1 ml twice daily or at a dose of 1 ml depending on the nursing infant. It has been removed from the fennel and takes a probiotic tindalizado that when they do it is sterilized at a low temperature to prevent the entry of bacteria patogenas and so ensure its use in preterm

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  • Blevit Stomachs Happy 10 Envelopes 5g
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    Blevit Stomachs Happy 10 Envelopes 5g

    Infusions in a single dose. With a base of chamomile and Fennel. Take care and prevents the gases of the infant and child. 2 to 6 months of age: 1 sachet (5 g) in 50 to 100 ml of water. Up to 1 year: 2 sachets (10 g) in 100 ml of water. From 1 to 8 years: 4 sachets (20 g) in 200 ml of water No sugars added.

    10,00 € -12% 8,80 €

The infusions drinks in general are drinks with compounds of herbs are produced, leaving certain leaves or vegetables in water, often hot, so that the content of aromatic and/or medicinal plant passed to the liquid.

In some cultures are recommended infusions to children to cure the issue and the gases of the infant, as it is considered that these infusions are completely harmless and can be given to the baby that does not replace a shot of milk.

Types of teas you drink to cure colic

Although it is appropriate to go to the pediatrician before giving any food or drink to drink, there are certain types of infusion cramps babies that help to improve and reduce the incidence of colic in babies. Between these types of infusion colic babies are to be found:

  • The infusion of chamomile: antispasmodic qualities and relaxing that can support in the process of calming the upset stomach of the baby.
  • The infusion of mint: Among the types of infusion gases drink the infusion of mint is one of the most recommended as it has soothing properties that can be useful at the moment to appease the upset and gas.
  • The infusion with fennel seeds: another recommended infusion gases babies because it has properties that help to soothe the gas and cramps stomach of the child.
  • The infusion with lemon balm: this plant has a calming effect on people, which diminishes the nerves and stress, and is very useful in cases of insomnia.
  • The infusion of poppies: like chamomile and lemon balm rose petals poppy have this sedative effect that is needed. In addition, it has a taste much smoother, so it is safe pleases you a lot more to the baby.
  • The infusion of elderberry: this infusion is very useful to deal with bedwetting, who suffer many small and caused distress, you must drink it during the day to increase urination and learn to master the muscles of the bladder.

Tips for preparing infusions babies

  1. At the time of preparing any type of herbal teas to children we must not forget that there is that to do it with boiled water.
  2. When you prepare the infusion to the baby must be delimited by the length of time, it will not be the drink for an adult, but a child.
  3. Of utmost importance is the temperature of the infusion for the baby, since it may not be greater than the temperature of a food for a child bigger.
  4. For those children under one year of age are not advised to sweeten the infusion. If you go over that age, if it is recommended to add sugar.
  5. If you have any doubt, it is always important to check with the pediatrician any uncertainty you may have about what they have or not to have to drink the little ones of the home.

Advantages and Disadvantages of herbal Teas to children

Among the benefits of the infusions to the babies , we can mention:

  1. Are you more harmless than the carminativos.
  2. Some babies relax and stop crying when they take a little bit of warm water.
  3. Some infusions for children possess anti-inflammatory properties that may benefit the baby in certain aspects of their development.

Among the disadvantages are:

  1. The infusions have no nutritional value whatsoever for it baby so you must not impersonate a dose of food, whether bottle or breast by a decision of chamomile, for example because the baby may make a decision less food.
  2. If you add sugar or honey may cause problems with the future child as the baby gets used to the sweet taste and the result can be early cavities in baby teeth. In addition, honey can transmit an infection of the bowel.
  3. There is No conclusive evidence or are consistent, indicating that the infusions relieve such symptoms in him drink, so its use is not justified.

Dangers of infusions babies

Some parents seek to give their children a natural treatment without the supervision of a qualified doctor, but these natural remedies are not exempt from side effects.

Infusions of herbs and bring in more danger than help, and for this reason should not be fed to children in general, as the extraction of natural remedies should be provided taking into account the weight and age of the infant.

Most of the infusions for children contain elements pharmacologically active and can, depending on the amount administered to induce intoxication in the baby, especially if you take a number and time consuming.

Some plants contain toxic chemicals such as for example alfalfa, poppy, star anise, anise, mugwort, boxwood, boldo, caulofilo, ergot, ephedra, eucalyptus, fucus, fennel, hyssop, nutmeg and sage.

Many teas, which include tannins and other compounds that mix iron and other minerals, reducing their bioavailability, that is to say, prevent the baby from absorbing properly.

The sugar and Infusions for children

Some parents make the mistake of adding honey or sugar to the infusions which are given to babies, teaching them to show a preference for sweet foods, which can lead to later reject other foods.

When they make it easier for babies foods with lots of sugar learn that these foods are best, and consequently disposed of healthier foods such as vegetables and meats.

In addition, there are on the market infusions snapshots for babies, who have a presentation in cans and can be prepared with water, this type of infusions have a great amount of sugars added that can be harmful to the baby.

Although in its ingredients do not see the word sugar this type of infusions have other sweeteners in alarming numbers that generate problems in the future for the babies and children in general, either of being overweight or dependence.

Give kids from small infusions that contain too much sugar has a direct impact on the rates of overweight and obesity, so it is preferable to use other methods to improve the condition of the baby.