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Hifas Da Terra

Currently it is known that the fungus is one of the foods anticancers more scientific support. Numbers studies ensure the properties that these mushrooms have to prevent and treat cancer. The micoterapia is the health care by applications based on fungi. Term added by hifas da terra in 1999. We are a company biotechnology specially created to improve the quality of life and health of the people managing for the potential of medicinal mushrooms. With an extensive knowledge in mycology applied to develop innovative means adapted to the needs not covered, betting on innovation, sustainability and social commitment.

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  • Mico Sun 70 capsules Hifas Da Terra
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    Mico Sun Extract Agaricus 70 capsules

    Mico Sun 70 capsules Hifas Da Terra 70 capsules of 618 mg of extract organic Mushroom of the sun (Agaricus blazei Murrill). Contains vitamin B12 that contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and cell division.

    54,40 €
  • Mico Rei 70 capsules Hifas Da Terra
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    Mico Rei Extract Reishi 70 capsules

    Mico Rei 70 capsules Hifas Da Terra a food supplement that provides a plus to the immune system thanks to a acomposicion in pure extract of Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) of organic production certified. For prevention in the united deficiency is the perfect complement.

    54,40 €
  • Mico Mai Extract Maitake 70 capsules
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    Mico Mai Extract Maitake 70 capsules

    Mico Mai Extract Maitake 70 capsules of laboratories hifas da terra is a food supplement with a basis of extract of maitake ratio 8:1 with the effects of soothing hipocolestrerolemiante and metabolic weight management, antihemorroidal

    49,50 €
  • Mico Rt Serum Oncologico 150 ml
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    Mico Rt Serum Oncologico 150 ml

    Serum Mico Rt-Serum Oncology 150 ml oncological treatment (therapy of support for the skin lesions associated with radiation therapy) with extracts of Reishi and Cordyceps. Mico Rt-Serum Oncology 150 ml is our new serum body of cancer treatment with extracts of Reishi and Cordyceps with argan oil, sacha inchi oil, and aloe vera, indicated for the care,...

    34,94 €
  • Mico Qt-Target Cancer 150 ml
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    Mico Qt-Target Cancer 150 ml

    Mico Qt-Target Cancer 150 ml Serum Mico Qt-Target for cancer treatment (therapy support in case of cutaneous rash, xerosis, nail changes, etc) with extracts of Reishi, and Cordyceps, and urea. Mico Qt-Target Cancer is our new serum skin body extracts of Reishi and Cordyceps with argan oil and urea, indicated for the care, prevention, and management for...

    41,39 €
  • Bio Ganoderma 60 capsules
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    Bio Ganoderma 60 capsules

    Bio Ganoderma 60 Capsules is a superfood (superfood) eco-friendly capsule that combines the properties of the powder Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum), and vitamin D to combat the symptoms associated with stress and other disorders of the immune system. Due to its unique formulation, it is the right product to prevent infections, especially in nature-viral, from...

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  • Bio Hericium 60 capsules
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    Bio Hericium 60 capsules

    Bio-Hericium 60 Capsules is a supplement of powdered lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) organic production certified. The mushroom lion's Mane (Lion's mane, in English) is particularly suitable as a supplement to support digestion and the nervous system.

    26,00 € -7.9103% 23,95 €
  • Bio Intestin 60 capsules
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    Bio Intestin 60 capsules

    Bio Intestin 60 capsules Mushroom oyster and Mushroom thistle. Perfect to make fibers and improve the intestinal flora. This add-in journal adds enzymes, amino acids, sterols and other active substances, in synergy, are used to improve the health of the digestive system, especially in case of bad indigestion, heartburn, or flatulence

    26,00 € -7.9103% 23,95 €
  • Bio Shiitake 60 capsules
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    Bio Shiitake 60 capsules

    Bio-Shiitake 60 Capsules is a supplement powder organic production certified. Rich in Alpha-and Beta-Glucans (active substances), it contains vitamin B2, iron, copper, and, in addition, provides vitamin B12 which contributes to normal metabolism of homocysteine. The decrease of homocysteine reduces cardiovascular risk.

    26,00 € -7.9103% 23,95 €
  • B Polyporus 60 capsules
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    B Polyporus 60 capsules

    B-Polyporus 60 Capsules is a supplement to dust of the fungus Polyporus umbellatus. The fungus Políporo umbelado (Polyporus umbellatus) is a natural supplement specially indicated to help in cases of fluid retention and to support the respiratory and urinary tracts. Possess properties that support the immune system and as a liver protector. It is an...

    22,95 €
  • Bio Defense 60 capsules
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    Bio Defense 60 capsules

    Bio Defense 60 capsules more full, perfect to enhance the immune response to day-to-day. This exclusive formula combines the twelve mushrooms that are traditionally used to keep the balance of the immune system and prevent recurrent processes. Bio Defense 60 Capsules at achieving cope with virus, bacteria, parasites, and cells harmful.

    26,00 € -7.9103% 23,95 €

Why hifas da terra?

? Organic production certified.: products that do not have hormones, pesticides, etc, Selection of substrates, wood harvesting in sustainable forests.
? Products that do not produce interaction in the liver: studies confirm that the products do not interfere with the liver.
? Products are to be found in any firm pharmacist, for its high quality of service.
? Organisms that are not genetically-modified: are products with mushrooms following standards and regulations for pharmaceutical quality for their strains are own replicated and reproduced without altered genetically.
? It has optimal doses with large scales of bioavailability to get benefits on health, only we provide extracts, pure and organic, without the need to alter them chemically.
? The concentration ratio is according to 60kg of mushroom fresh, which is obtained 15kg of mushroom dry and hence is achieved up to 1 kg of active ingredient.
? Products that provide quality, safety, and confidence. A seal that makes sure that the production is controlled and uniform, according to pharmaceutical standards, the entire process is governed by a set of rules that are enforced rigorously.
? The capsules are sealed with bands of anti-oxidation. Each one is sealed to the open-air, individually, with colors that differentiate the products. They are sealed to keep the contents in any special conditions for much longer.
? Products suitable for celiacs and lactose intolerant: the cultivation methods avoid the use of substrates of cereals.
? Suitable for vegans and vegetarians: extracts 100% of plants, they contain gelling agents.
? Have a process of drying in natural conditions appropriate: it dehydrates the mushrooms to the sun, to about 40°c to be exact, so we retain the beneficial properties that mushrooms bring in to us.
? We have developed numerous clinical trials to observe its action in the body.
? We planted each year, a large number of trees to care for the environment.
? We are tied to the environment in all of our presentations.

Why hifas da terra works with mushrooms?

Mushrooms are compounds biactivos, to be clear 150 in its structure. To consume every one of these mushrooms provide:
? The best alpha and beta glucans bioavailable.
? Enzymes.
? Prebiotics.
? Natural antibiotics.
? The b group vitamins.
? Ergosterol.
? Minerals such as selenium and zinc, etc
? Essential amino acids.
? Nutrients to support the body's balance.

Products of hyphae of terra

In hifas da terra we offer a full range of products made from natural extracts with high content in active principles, are an innovative solution for the natural care and integral health. All of our products are going to go offered to all the people, since they do not contain chemicals that may be allergic. Among our products, we offer:
? Treatment products.
? - Prevention products.
? Maintenance products.
? The micoterapia in cancer
The innovative range is going to go related to cancer treatments. yes! Certain mushroom extracts are capable of stimulating cells of the immune system, favoring not to reproduce in an uncontrolled way while avoiding cancer.

Fungi used in hifas da terra

? Reishi (ganoderma lucidum)

? Basic features: fungus of texture and taste woody and bitter, it is not consumable. It is only used for medicinal purposes, alcoholics, glicéricos, etc
? Therapeutic actions demonstrated: potentiation of the immune system, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, cardiovascular, hypolipidemic, antiviral, etc

? Cordyceps (cordyceps sinensis)

? Basic features: whole mushroom pathogen-where the life cycle is developed largely in an insect. It is cultivated making productions rich in its components: polysaccharides, acid cordicéptico, cordycepin, ergosterol, sterols
? Therapeutic actions demonstrated: enhancement of the immune system, immunoregulatory, antitumor, protective, renal, action, cardiovascular, action, respiratory, etc

? Lion's mane (hericium erinaceus)

? Basic features: edible mushroom, rich in protein and minerals such as selenium, germanium, and zinc. Its main components are: polysaccharides, erinacinas i, e, and h. Hericenonas a, b, c, d, and e.
? Therapeutic actions demonstrated: action adpatógena, immunomodulatory, stimulation of the immune system, etc

? Mushroom of the sun (agaricus blazei murrill)

? Basic characteristics: it is edible and is noted for its content in vegetable protein with all essential amino acids, vitamins of group b and e and minerals.
? Therapeutic actions demonstrated: inmunoreguladora, antitumor, antidiabetic, etc

? Maitake (grifola frondosa)

? Basic features: it is an edible mushroom widely appreciated and is noted for its high protein content, vitamins of group b, minerals, and ergosterol, a precursor of vitamin d.
? Therapeutic actions demonstrated: boosts the immune system, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, antifibrotic, anti-hyperglycemic, weight control, etc

? Tail of turkey (coriolus versicolor)

? Basic characteristics: it is cultivated in wood and is used for therapeutic purposes and pharmacological.
? Therapeutic actions demonstrated: boosts the immune system, immunoregulatory, anti-bacterial and antiviral, etc

? Shiitake (lentinula edodes)

? Basic features: edible mushroom that has minerals, vitamins of group b, vitamin e and pro-vitamin d, unsaturated fatty acids and a large amount of polysaccharides.
? Therapeutic actions demonstrated: antithrombotic, hormonoreguladora, increase fertility, etc

? Polyporus (polyporus umbellatus)

? Basic features: fungus-consumable, apart from its protein content, it stands out for its relative abundance in copper and zinc.
? Therapeutic actions demonstrated: bactericidal, diuretic action, protector, kidney, etc ..

? Coprinus (coprinus coprinus)

? Basic characteristics: it is edible and very much appreciated. Must be picked up as early as two or three days of birth autodigiere rich in minerals such as vanadium, iron, copper and zinc.
? Therapeutic actions demonstrated: anti-obesity, antioxidant, etc