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Heliocare Color

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Heliocare Color is a line of products recommended to be applied every day, as they generate the benefits of a sunscreen , and a makeup concealer.

It has a high coverage generated as a result of the containment of the damage that often leads to the constant exposure to the sun, while their textures are fluid that helps your application daily to be more simple.

It provides a result that will display more natural, making the skin tone look unified. In addition, they are suitable for all skin types including mixed and fats as a result of the effect of seborregulados that achieves a action mate.

Features Heliocare Color

Heliocare Color is a line of products specializing in providing a great action of photoprotection, because it contains in its formula illuminating pigments that work together to be used daily while achieving the prevention of photoaging and stains.

  • This line provides an ideal treatment for skins that have tendencies acneicas or that are sensitive to exposure to the sun.

  • Offers for the unification of the tone of the skin.

  • Is indicated to be used on all skin types.

  • Generates a broad spectrum protection as it is the SPF50.

  • The Heliocare Color to Buy generates a large reparative action of the deterioration that often generates the sun.

  • Includes ingredients that generate a result antioxidant.

  • Includes illuminating pigments to benefit the skin.

  • Provides an effect of deep hydrating.

  • It is non-comedogenic.

  • Are pronados under the highest dermatological control.

Benefits of Heliocare Color

Heliocare Color is a line of products that offer sun protection and makeup while it provides a great versatility in the textures, tones and varying degrees of coverage, offering in that way brightness, even tone, and a finish that's great.

It is a superb alternative as sunscreen and it also provides a dose of color that uniform skin tone while preserving texture and a touch of charm in the face.

In actuality, they are becoming more and more common complications such as hyperpigmentation or facial blemishes such as freckles, melasma, lentigines simple, solar lentigines, moles, among others, that may arise from a very early age.

For this reason, these products unite the benefits of a sunscreen SPF 50+ with a makeup concealer, so that they can be used in skin blemishes, redness, scars, at the same time that can be applied in both men and women of any age.

In addition, it can be used as a sunscreen after treatments, peels, lasers, IPL, microneedling, botox, hyaluronic acid fillers, thread lift, among others.

  • Heliocare 50 Compact Oil free: it is designed to be used as make-up in the skin that they wish to achieve a unique tone, leading to a higher coverage of the different imperfections that can be found in the skin.

  • Heliocare 50 Gel Cream: this product is a gel that provides a high and profound quality moisturizing, with an extra maximum protection factor which makes it quite useful in reducing skin imperfections.

  • Heliocare Color Touch of sun SPF 50: as a result of its content in illuminating pigments, helps to look to a look more radiant and removes the tone off quickly.

Indications of the Heliocare Color

Today has around most frequent problems with hyperpigmentation or dark spots on the skin in different types such as freckles, melasma, lentigines simple, moles, among others.

And these signs have become increasingly more frequent from an early age, this is because of different factors can be genetic, hormonal, sun exposure, prolonged, and the passage of time.

For this reason, it is recommended Heliocare Color Purchase, as it offers a lot of benefits such as better sun protection, and the advantages that it offers an makeup concealer.

It suits all skin types as lto dry, oily or mixed, with different types of shades, creating an excellent sun protection to include SPF 50+ to be able to fight photo-ageing, brown spots and prevent skin cancer throughout the year.

It is the result of the union between technology Fernblock of Heliocare actives and antioxidants that help to prevent and remedy the results generated by the sun at the same time, prevents the symptoms discernible from photoaging.

With a photoprotection for all the days with color that can be used by all type of skins that generates a greater care for the hyperpigmentation and blemishes, camouflaging imperfections and unify the natural tone of the skin.

It is specially formulated with compounds that generate excellent benefits for the skin as they are Fernblock , vitamin E and green tea, so it is considered to have an excellent Heliocare Color Price.

Mode of Use of Heliocare Color

Thanks to its excellent Heliocare Color Price is acquired to have a face tan, and with a photoresist very high that assists in the prevention of the appearance of spots and the visible signs of photoaging skin.

Provides sun protection, very high, and among its many advantages dominates the protection of the skin against the sun, with a natural result and can be applied multiple times without fear of damaging the makeup used.

Heliocare Color is primarily developed for skins that have imperfections such as blemishes, redness, scars, recent, and as a photoresist, post-peling and post-laser, or for skin that has been applied treatments photosensitizing.

Heliocare Color Compact: is placed evenly on the skin with the sponge before each exposure to the sun, and renew frequently the application after sun exposure or long bath and can be used to accompany any topical treatment.

Heliocare 50 Gel Cream: distributed evenly in small doses throughout the area and extends gradually before sun exposure, reapply frequently, especially after long bath or excessive sweating.

Heliocare Color Touch of sun SPF 50: it is suggested to apply generously and evenly before sun exposure and renew every two hours, or after a long bath or excess sweating.

Preguntas frecuentes de Heliocare Color

  • Heliocare Color es una gama creada por Cantabria Labs que te asegura una protección solar a la vez que aporto una tonalidad para tu piel muy agradable y unificada.
  • Heliocare Color está fabricado con los mismos componentes que contienen las fórmulas de Heliocare.
  • Heliocare color añade pigmentos qué aporta la tu piel un tono unificado con diferentes tonalidades, tonalidades beige, tonalidades algo más morenas y color bronce son las tres tonalidades qué fábrica Heliocare color.

Heliocare Color aporta beneficios para tu piel con una protección solar segura y eficiente además de aportar un tono unificado a tu piel para lucir guapa y protegida al sol.
Heliocare color contiene todas las propiedades del FER block y protege frente a los cuatro tipos de radiaciones solares así como aporta protección natural de ADN para tu piel facilitando su regeneración natural gracias a Fotoliasa, glicosilasa, endonucleasa.
Previene el daño y el envejecimiento prematuro de tu piel aportando un color unificado y muy agradable para tu piel.

Heliocare Color protege frente al sol desde su primer uso aportando un tono muy agradable para tu piel con tres tonalidades diferentes, tonalidades Light aportan un tono más suave a tu piel, tonalidades Brown aportan un color algo más oscuro.
También existen otras tonalidades como beige, dorado o bronze para completar una gran gama de tonalidades que aportan color y un suave tono unificado para tu piel mientras te protegen del sol.

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