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Heliocare 50 Color Light Gel Cream 50 ml


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Heliocare 50 Gel Cream Light 50 ml with a pleasant color with a natural tanned appearance, it acts by protecting the skin from the sun thanks to the exclusivity of the Fernblock. Indicated in early summer when there is no uniform color or for use in season the lighter shade of the two

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Heliocare 50 Light Gel Cream 50 ml it is a special sunblock for light skin tones. It has anti-UVB and UVA filters which leave a made-up and natural appearance on the skin blurring imperfections.

The tone of this sunscreen allows the dermis to show off a natural and uniform tan in addition to adequately protecting the skin from spots, sunburn and premature photoaging.

This cream gel allows to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized before sun exposure and has a color Arena Di Capri, which is suitable for fair skin and contains an antioxidant effect thanks to the patented Fernblock technology.

Why buy Heliocare 50 Color Light Gel Cream 50 ml in Pharmacy Market?

Heliocare 50 Light Gel Cream 50 ml it is a product that can be applied to all skin types, from the driest to the most oily. It does not leave a clumpy or greasy feeling on the skin and allows fair skins to have an even tan.

It can be applied to those skins that have been subjected to treatments or procedures that will leave the skin dry or reddened, providing a makeup-like effect reducing imperfections.

This sunscreen does not contain oils or parabens. On the contrary, most of its ingredients are of natural origin, betting on components that do not cause damage, irritations or unfavorable effects on the skin.

This sunscreen reduces the formation of spots on the skin due to the effects of the sun by up to 99%. Minimizes the signs of photoaging and attenuates the effects of dermocosmetic techniques.

Moisturizes the skin, leaves no residue and lasts longer on the skin in case of prolonged exposure to water, or in case of excessive sweating, being the most effective sunscreen to protect the skin than any other on the market.

This sunscreen has a size that allows it to be easily carried anywhere, has a lid that prevents spills and you can buy it practically at any pharmacy or parapharmacy at the best price on the market.

Unlike other sunscreens it does not leave the skin whitish or stain clothes. It contains a delicious smell and texture, and quickly adheres to the layers of the skin creating a protective and invisible barrier preventing the sun's rays from damaging it.

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Heliocare 50 Light Gel Cream 50 ml it contains Panthenol, Green tea, Hyractive and colored pigments which act on your skin as follows:

  • Panthenol: moisturizes and regenerates the skin.
  • Green tea: antioxidant and anti-aging of the skin.
  • Hyractive: removes stains present on the skin. It removes excess sebum, cleanses the skin of imperfections and relieves wounds or bites.
  • Colored pigments: they provide that mattified and natural tone in light skin blurring imperfections present in it.
  • Vitamin E: protects the skin from free radicals, eliminates scars, sun spots, has antioxidant properties helping to prevent or disappear wrinkles and expression lines.

 Indications of Heliocare 50 Light Gel Cream 50 ml

Heliocare 50 Light Gel Cream 50 ml it is indicated for skin types III and IV. It is recommended to apply a generous amount of this product daily on clean and dry skin massaging gently 20 minutes before sun exposure.

It can also be used as a makeup base. Keep this sunscreen out of the reach of minors. Avoid getting this product in your eyes because it can cause irritation.