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Currently, it is of vital importance that any athlete has the amount of protein and minerals to maintain your health. However, for some athletes, that usually means a look irrelevant, which is a serious error, since it must check that the muscles and the sports activity to achieve optimal results. This sports nutrition is effective thanks to HCF Laboratories, where it is possible to get carbohydrates, protein, glutamine, fat burner, vitamins, and minerals, among many other products favorable for our health.

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  • Hcf Artifer Silicon Complex 1000 ml
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    Hcf Artifer Silicon Complex 1000 ml

    Hcf Artifer Silicon Complex 1000 ml with a dose of 30 ml per day is faithful add-on for day to day care-based marine collagen and silicon. Valid for approximately 1 month with a dose of 30 ml per day. Gluten-Free. with 45 mg per dose and 75 mg of silicon plus 10 mg of hyaluronic acid is the most complete of the market. You can find it at the best price...

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  • Drenamass 250 ml
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    Drenamass 250 ml

    Drenamass 250 ml

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Use only the product of HCF Labs!

Handles the product of HCF Laboratories with security, as they are suitable for your sports nutrition. The doses are appropriate and will provide a desired effect.
The use of these natural supplements is legal and ethical, the professionals recommend to your management, because it does not produce adverse effects, and is that with the products that you supplied HCF Labs, you can have an adequate physical activity.

Benefits of products HCF Laboratories

The benefits of acquiring the products are summarized to improve the endurance and strength, the great diversity of products provide their own benefits, they are all going to go based on the body, because not all work in all people, the rest is directly tied to diet and genetics of each person. The ideal thing would be to try and experience the most suited to our body.

Products HCF Laboratories in the circulatory system

The circulatory system is in charge of the blood flowing throughout the body. An improper diet, bad habits and not practicing physical exercise or doing so impropiada, can cause the circulatory system does not work as it should be, generating cardiovascular pathologies serious. To have a good health were created products suplementicos ideal to provide the necessary amount of important supplies to the body.
? Brondosan Syrup

Is a food supplement made from plants and minerals, with antibacterial, antiseptic, and detoxifying. Its ingredients are:
? Eucalyptus: the Extract has antiseptic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory.
? Thyme: it Is an antiseptic germicide and reduces infections produced by these bacteria.
? Drosera: Retains expectorant properties, antitoxic and antibiotic. This extract relaxes muscles in the airways and makes breathing easier.
? Mauve: ideal Plant for diseases of the respiratory tract, where it softens the mucosa and reduce the information exposed.
? Plantain: it Has antibacterial properties suitable to eliminate the microorganisms that produce diseases of the respiratory system.
? Elderberry: make Up a sudorific, which helps to reduce fever and helps to improve processes infectious respiratory.
? Pine: Helps to eliminate the micro-organisms and reduces mucus.
You should take 10 ml before meals. And should not be managed as a substitute for a diet to a diet variable, also is not suitable administration in children.
? Benefits of this supplement:
Symptomatic relief of colds and colds.
Balance of the defenses.
It is a supplement anti-infective
Reduces recovery periods.
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

? Echinacea + Vitamin C
It is a supplement that provides extract of echinacea. Supplies of the natural active principles to raise the body's defenses, increasing the activity of the immune system to pathogenic agents. It should be administered 2 capsules daily in the breakfast, not to exceed the daily dose.
? Natural ingredients: Echinacea, vitamin, anti-binding agents (talc, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide), and gelatin.
? Benefits in the body:
Favors strengthen the body's defenses.
Lift the immune system.

Products HCF Laboratories ¡Favors joints and bones!

Athletes need supplements due to the continuous strenuous exercise. Athletes have an impact and stress on your joints, due to a wrong movement, hence we proceed to indicate that often opt for supplements that support the knees, ankles, elbows and wrists, fighting and pain and inflammation at later. In HCF Laboratories, we provide various products such as:
? Artifer
It is a product semisynthetic, that combines natural products and chemicals to a high quality. Its synergistic action provides the agency with a noticeable decrease in pain and swelling in the joint, providing thus the regeneration and cartilage. The ingredients of this encapsulated product are: shark Cartilage, devil's claw, tricalcium Phosphate, horsetail, Vitamin C, Chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine Sulfate, Vitamin E, Gluconate, copper, Vitamin D3, Gluconate, manganese, Anti-binding agents (Talc, magnesium Stearate, and microcrystalline Cellulose) and Gelatin.
Are products in the form of capsules and should be taken 2 of them before the main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Remember, do not exceed the dose limit.
Benefits of this product:
? Involved in pathologies such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, etc
? It helps the regeneration of the cartilage to degenerate.
? Facilitates the recovery of joint injuries.
? Stimulates the attachment of calcium and phosphorus in the bones.

? Collagen with Magnesium
Collagen is a protein that forms part of the organs of support, allowing the flexibility of our body. Magnesium is a mineral that is essential for vital processes of the body such as activation of the muscular system, energy production, regulation of activities nerve and proper functioning of the organs. This product provides the body:
? The strengthening of bones and joints.
? The regeneration of cartilage tissue.
? The improvement of the firmness of the skin.
? The reduction of pain, inflammation and stiffness.
Are tablets which should be consumed 6 tablets per day divided between breakfast and dinner.
Products HCF Labs digestive and laxative
Various products of HCF Laboratories are natural food Supplements that contribute to the good functioning of the digestive system, in addition to being a means of laxative. We have a core product and very effective as it is:
? Flat-Max

Is a food supplement based on plants: coal plant, the anise, fennel and peppermint. It is one of the most effective digestive action, prevents spasms and increases digestive secretions. Its use is suitable for digestive disorders such as:
? Meteorism.
? Atulencias.
? Dyspepsia.
? Aerophagia.
? Digestion.
The recommendation for this add-on is take 2 capsules after the 3 main meals. Thus obtaining a desired effect.

Enjoy good health with natural supplements HCF Labs!