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The products of Hartmann offer solutions to improve health care quality, efficiency and security. They have a broad range of products suitable for any type of situation. From treatment of injuries, first aid, therapy of understanding to the management of incontinence. The main purpose of the products granted is to improve experiences of health both in the center assists families in their homes. Putting in a simple way within the reach of all, the possibility of maintaining a safe health independent.

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  • thermoval duo scan thermometer forehead ear
    Out of stock
    Thermoval Duo Scan thermometer forehead-ear

    Thermoval Duo Scan is a Thermometer that measures the temperature in two possible variants of immediate notes: the measurement of the front and the measurement of the ear, ideal for avoiding the annoying measurements in English and armpits, ideal for babies.

    39,95 €
  • Tensiometro Hartmann Classic
    Out of stock
    Tensiometro Hartmann Classic

    Tensiometro Hartmann Classic is a tensiometro wrist with an easy way of handling that measures blood pressure maxima, minima and pulsation of the heart, the simplest of the market within the laboratory market leader.

    35,60 €

Why purchase Products Hartmann?

1.Offer quality of life to each of the consumers.

2. They are affordable.

3.Do not cause allergies because they contain materials that are hypo-allergenic.

They are made for all type of people, for their personal toilet and for the care of your health. All the products are made of good quality, it provides an excellent clientele. Health care staff also guarantees the quality with which they are made each and every one of our products, as they are of multiple uses in emergency air medical and surgical.

Product benefits Hartmann

  1. Good treatments for all types of wounds.

  2. With over 100 years of experience, innovating solutions to improve attributing satisfactory results.

  3. In chronic wounds work immediately.

  4. We offer products like monitoring blood pressure gauges or thermometers. In order to give reliable figures about the symptoms that you can give to presenting.

  5. To treat cardiovascular diseases, available to bandage plaster and compression.

  6. They have great variety of products such as: Cotton, sterile dressings, fixing adhesive, fixing, non-adhesive, gauze, dressings moist cure and meshes of contact, to treat all the wounds of the best way.

  7. Products released by infections or other risks.

  8. Provide products to manage incontinence, to help you feel safe and comfortable in every moment.

  9. Protect the skin from external agents using lotions, creams, etc

  10.   They are experts in first aid, to what they have to offer kits for car, for leisure, kits of specific treatment, cleaning of wounds and bandages and dressings assets.

Products Hartmann for the Treatment of wounds

Each process of wound healing requires a suitable product. Chronic wounds require much more attention, from ulcers, venous leg, diabetic foot up to pressure ulcers and should be treated pathologically and providing subsequent dressings, good quality and comfortable. Hartmann Is in charge of the entire process across products, services and solutions to improve the results of treatment. The products that we offer are:

  1. Sterile dressings:

Waterproof Dressings that have a breathable coating that adheres securely to the skin, implementing a strong barrier that prevents potential infections, removing the moisture from the wound.

Soft Dressings made with a non-woven fabric, and 100% cotton absorbent, covered with a layer of non-adherent contact with the wound; highly absorbent and fast wicking of exudate through the layer. Not provided by allergies, since the adhesive polyacrylate hypoallergenic.

Antibacterial: sterile Dressings with plate antibacterial properties of high absorption. It is developed for wounds with high levels of against infections. Its rigid shell prevents bacterial proliferation.

  1. Fixing tape:

Flexible mounting: adhesive plasters hipoalergenicos, made with synthetic rubbers. Soft, flexible and elastic. Possess high air permeability and water vapor, thus preventing maceration.

Fixing sports: Bandage made of 100 % viscose with adhesive zinc oxide. your inelasticidad provides great resistance to tension at the time of freeze on the tissue or compression bandages.

  1. Fixing, non-adhesive

Not cohesive: Sell fixation of high-elasticity, quick and easy. With this type you get bandages, fixed without sliding.

Cohesive: Bandage, cohesive and elastic with double effect is cohesive, support with micro-points adhesives and extensibility of approximately 85 %. To achieve an effect, it is rededoblado turns minimum to get a secure fastening and durable.

Products Hartmann for first aid

The well-being of health staff plays an important role in our lives, Hartman is on constant product innovation with new forms, new applications, and first-aid materials that are constantly used. For that, we create products such as:

  1. Nose cleaningDevice to remove the mucus, and nasal secretions of your baby a soft and safe. This device retains secretions to support the hygiene of the course. To achieve a high result, it is advisable to make in advance for a scrub with physiological serum, thus increasing the fluidity of the mucus and providing so their removal by vacuuming.

  2. Dressings special: wounds heal quickly in damp environment. These dressings special form hydrocolloids that hold moisture, facilitate and accelerate the healing. In addition, it relieves the pain and does not adhere to the wound, leaving you to sweat the skin. Are hipoalergenicos and are tolerated by the skin.

Products Hartmann incontinence

These products cover the needs that the pathology attributed with people who are affected by this disease, whether they are active or dependent, gain confidence and quality of life. These products are designed to respect the natural pH of the skin, bringing comfort and safety to each of the users.

Disinfection Hartmann

There is a wide range of products for hands and skin in general, in addition to providing the sanitize surfaces and instruments to use. These products reduce impacts in infections caused by use of an infected object or handled improperly, causing it to lose the asepsis of the same.

Compression therapy products for Hartmann

The disorders and cardiovascular abnormalities are common among disorders that affect the well-being and optimal health. There is a great high number of people who have diseases ulcerative chronic. For this condition, you are going to meet a medical treatment, followed by a variety of techniques that will lead to their improvement. In Hartmann give you a product that will exert the necessary pressure to relieve the pain as such.

The bandages traction cuts are bi - elastic with an elasticity of about 90%. Exerting downward pressure at rest and on the high on the job. You can clean up to 95% or esterilizándose in its effect. They are comfortable and easy to apply. Its material is 100% cotton.