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The scars appear when the epithelial tissue is torn as a result of various factors. To restore this skin you must first set dressings Hansaplast in the affected area. These patches are indicated for bulky scars, colored, or keloid, as well as to prevent the development of scars any after accidents and operations. Getting a clear aspect, smooth and soft in this area, it serves to treat any part of the skin, for both the face as sensitive places. And are used solely for closed wounds, where the fissure has not been met with the muscle, respectively. These products are not producing any kind of allergy, it is therefore recommended for all individuals. I

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Hansaplast Your best choice!

The care and the pain relief produced by wounds, is one of the aspects that is the patches of Hansaplast. All products by more that are different from each other, have the same purpose and is to protect, and recover the wound that has been adopted in some part of the body.

One of the advantages of these products is to have models for situations such as burns and accidents where the epithelial tissue has been affected. Also provided strips to specialized hyperkeratosis, referred to commonly as “corns”, as this ailment is quite tedious, for this reason we will put at your disposal these products.

Whatever the case, the products will be beneficial. When choosing the products you provide: measures for the size of the scratch to try and adhesives that are tailored to your skin. Favoring a single recovery and effective. Don't look any more, Hansaplast is everything!

The products of Hansaplast are ideal for all

The products that are presented to users are not specifically for adults. The children are the ones who have sudden falls and need some type of adhesive strip to help the healing favorable wound. A wound by small often be very painful to our children, as they feel unprotected in that sense

We have at your disposal strips with the favorite characters of your child, so that instead of crying for the injury you suffered, you have a means of distraction while watching the dressing. A drawing that your child enjoys, will facilitate the task of recovery of the wound.

If you thought that the products were especially indicated for adults, you're wrong!, your child needs these care as much as you do. For more small, the feel more positive and serene with an external medium to show your favorite character.

How do you put stickers Hansaplast?

You must wash the wound, respectively, and disinfected afterwards. Then dry the surrounding area for after adhering the strip with which we are going to cover the wound.

The strong adhesion of each one of our products, manages to not move from the skin and that can bring us the tranquility and security of the result obtained.

Advantages of the adhesives as well as enabling the Hansaplast

The advantages of our products are going to be seen reflected in the types of adhesives that we provide. Within our high-quality products and irreversible effects can be mentioned:

Patch thermal therapy: This type is thermal, and the proportion of heat, it greatly reduces the pain caused by wounds. Getting enormous relief. It has a duration of 8 hours each adhesive, providing relaxation, without any kind of inconvenience. The function of each one of the stickers will be a function of the size of the wound and the location where it was found.

The large size of dressing is usually wound in his back.

The small size of dressing is usually for neck, shoulders, etc

Dressing quick healing: This type of adhesive accelerates the healing process by up to 50%, making the pain go away.

Waterproof Material that helps protect against water and bacteria.

It has a pad made with polyurethane, absorbs the liquid and keeps the moisture of the wound, thereby facilitating the healing without notice any physical signal

Dressing waterproof: It adapts to all the movements of the skin, protects it to the fullest, keep it dry and in place.

It has a material is extremely flexible which provides the adaptation of movements.

The waterproof and breathable membrane keeps the skin wound is completely dry.

The strong adhesion leads to maintain fixed the wound.

  1. Dressings spray: The effects are immediate on the skin wound or erosions minors. Provide comfortable protection and transparent.

          The movie has been sprayed is flexible.

          It is formed by droplets that can reach areas that are uncomfortable and difficult to access.

  1. Dressing Sensitive Anti-bacteria: an Account with a plaque antiseptic that eliminates germs and minimizes risk of infection. They are highly trained for sensitive skin and to treat wounds, small, medium and large.

  1. Reducer scars: Strips able to relieve the pain caused by an injury.

          Its main component is polyacrylate that keeps the absorption of liquids and small commodities.

          The fixation is due to the support of polyamide and the adhesive mass.

  1. Dressing for calluses: these Are creams-healing properties that can reduce any kind of discomfort caused by calluses.

  1. Dressing for children: protects and cares for the skin of our children of any external agent that can flow.

         The material used is tolerated by the skin.

         Does not adhere to the wound, just protects it.

  1. Dressing is universal: it Is one of the most prevalent types, dealing with any type of skin wounds, offers protection in all parts of the body, and we get a recovery prompt and satisfactory.

  1.   Strips stickers for fingers and toes: to Offer general protection to wounds from scratches until the scratches caused by the wear and tear of the fingers. This strip serves as a complement to achieve a recovery right away.

          They are made with materials-based viscose and polyamide, which gives us satisfactory results when cutting a finger or hand in the most part.

What are you waiting, choose your strips of Hansaplast!

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