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Hair dyes

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Who has not tired any time of its appearance and has decided to change it by applying some hair dye and a haircut flattering?, what man has not thought, to see how it starts to add up gray hair, apply a stain rejuvenating?, who has not done a madness with friends, choosing to dye their hair colors fantasy?.

In Farmaciamarket we love the change and that is why I encourage you to give free rein to your boldness, yes, by offering quality products. That's why we bring to you hair dyes inexpensive, of the most famous brands in the market, so you don't have to resort to dyes hair chinese or of supermarkets that do not always comply with all rules or whose final appearance is a far cry directed on the box. In Farmaciamarket you will find a wide range of dyes hair professionals. That's why we invite you to visit our catalog of hair dye online and decide what you prefer but before that, let us give you some suggestions on dyes hair:

Dyes hair for women brownskin

If your skin is brown, nothing better than red tones to add glow to your face. Yes, the darker your skin, the shades of red should be less turned on. They are also very good tones, tobacco, dyes, hair color chocolate and mahogany (look at Jennifer Lopez).

Never put a tone of paint lighter than your skin or make you seem greater and darker skin. Look at Shakira of platinum blonde and compare mahogany, red or black, where it looks more young and pretty, with a less skin damaged. What is more, except for the platinum blonde, the other referred to for women of cinnamon skin or brunettes are hair dye that rejuvenate: dyes hair burgundy, dye hair copper, dyes hair chocolate, dyes, brown hair, dye hair beige, dye hair, grey and even dye californian dark hair.

If you're looking for hair dyes that illuminate the skin, while surprise you, is to use shades of jet black and the full range of dark blacks. Are hair dye that will make you look more white, as does Eva Longoria, women from the Addams family or Catherine Zeta-Jones in the film of the Fox. In all cases, to look with a white skin of porcelain.

Dyes hair for fair skin

People with fair skin will feel all the hair dye and more if you are young, but if you start to have expression marks in the face, avoid the coppery tones and the very dark or silver tone as you will. If the skin is very pale, feel very good cough dyes hair mahogany red fort or dyes hair red intense. If your skin is clear, but pink, draws the shades, ash and chestnut honey.

Dyes without ammonia, dyes hair-vegans, dyes hair for pregnant women

On the other hand there are people with sensitive scalp, you need to hair dyes that do not contain ammonia type dyes Th Pharma Vitalia Color (available in Farmaciamarket), the dyes hair loreal without ammonia or dyes hair farmatint, and even dyes hair henna (which are usually dyes hair ecological). Are dyes hair hipoalergenicos, which means you just have substances that irritate the skin generating allergies, so this is about hair dye natural , and therefore dyes hair that does not damage the hair fiber.

However, we must clarify that the henna is not a dye itself, but rather a natural substance that adds shine and strength to the hair aclarándolo as much in a tone. It is dye hair is not permanent, it will fade with repeated washing, and that can interfere, by applying a dye real, in the coloration is the result.

For vegans, people aware with the Environment and ecological assets, the ideal is the hair dye that did not experience in animals. Comes indicated in the box with the label corresponding with the figure of a bunny, as the dyes Herbatint (avoid LOreal, Johnson & Johnson Garnier, ...). Herbatint

With regard to hair dye for pregnant women, it is advisable to wait until the second month that the baby has developed in part and is less vulnerable because many researchers believe that the hair absorbs part of the chemicals in the dye and that could pass to the baby through the blood. For this reason, it is safer not to color or if you want to do it in order to look better to resort to henna natural, without chemical additives.