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Hair Care

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There are many different ways to mistreat the hair. Whether from the sun, the dyes, the plates, the wrong care, climate change, among others. That is why you must have a care of the hair, and to get a mane abundant and brilliant, as any woman you want. Although this may seem difficult, there are many products that will help you to achieve the same, it is important to know which Shampoo and treatment is the one that benefits most from the hair. And have variety of care hair look without split ends or dryness.

Basic tips for hair care

? Apply the conditioner right where you need it the hair, that is to say along the hair and on the tips. You have to avoid placing it on the roots directly, because it tends to leave the hair too loaded.

? For the unwinding of the hair, imprégnalo of fabric softener and then style with a comb of spines long, this is the most indicated to pull it to wet hair than a brush.

? It is necessary to clean in plenty of water the masks and the concionador that are found on the hair, since the waste products caked long hair directly affecting your hair care.

? Masks capillaries are more effective if, in addition to this you apply heat, that is to say, once placed the mask on the hair gives it a bit of heat with the dryer, recúbrelo with aluminum foil and wrap it with a towel.

? Use proper care to your hair type. Conditioners can be too heavy for fine hair, and masks for wavy hair can mistreat the hair lacias.

? You have to use the amount equivalent to the size of a walnut for the face masks, the size of an almond to the conditioner and only a few droplets of silica. You do not have to exceed in the products.

Ways to perform a hair care

1. Brushing and combing:
To have a care of the hair, it is important to use brushes have natural bristles, and brush the hair gently so as not to damage the root. Avoid doing it while the hair is wet, as it is much more sensitive and breaks with ease. It is recommended that in order to detangle the hair, use a comb tips thick and you have to start at the ends.
2. Products to use:
Numbers are the chemicals that the hair is exposed to day-to-day, which doesn't help the hair care, which is why these must be der replaced by natural products. In case you notice hair loss, it is not recommended that you undergo dyes, perms or chemical treatment. For people who have dry hair, you have to opt for a good treatment of natural oils. The shampoo that possess alcohol are too aggressive to the scalp, as well as some modelers hair and some gels. You should not use water or very cold or very hot for washing the head, the preferable thing is that it is warm.
3. Learn to cut your hair at the right time
It is said that if you cut the hair a day where the moon is in waxing, the hair will grow much faster than normal. But if you short a day in the moon this in the third-quarter, it will take to grow hair. But it is recommended to cut so the tips helping our hair care, because with the cut of the tips you will get a good oxygenation and strengthening the hair to provide the growth.
4. Be careful with the dryer
The hot air of the hair dryer, it affects directly to the roots of the hair, that is why you have to hold the dryer about 15 cm approximately the distance to the head. Unless you want to set a style, the best option is the cold air.
The hair is exposed to heat can dry out the hair and make it dull and have no life, this can happen in a short or long time to be wearing these items. That is why it is recommended not to become addicted to the drying or plates.
5. For oily hair and dandruff
One of the situations that most hurt our hair is oily and dandruff, hair care of these agents, there is an ideal remedy that in 1 month you will notice the difference, that will grow stronger and faster. You only need a liter of white wine and 10 grams of seaweed (hijiki, agar-agar and kombu, and molasses)
For the preparation, place the wine, and the algae in a pot, and then for 15 minutes boil to a simmer. Toss it all in a container and close it tightly, you have to let it sit for three days in a dry and dark place, this must be stirred from time to time. Then strain the decoction and add the same amount of molasses. You have to stir, and it should be preserved. Take half a glass three times a day, before each meal. As the agar-agar is very gelatinous, it is very likely that you will have to heat the syrup to the Bath every time, with this remedy, you can notice how the hair lose the excess fat and eliminates dandruff in very little time.
6. To prevent head lice
Head lice are pests that mostly affect are the children, although adults can also suffer from this. Head lice are very unpleasant, not so much in the point of view of hygiene, but that turned out to be upset by unbearable itching that occurs and the types of diseases that can lead to. To get rid of them, you will have to wash your hair with vinegar, 2 times per week, add it after rinsing the shampoo and you'll see how the hair will be shiny and silky.

Tips of hair care for beautiful hair

Tips to naturally strengthen and beautify the hair:

? Avoid the stress, since this causes the downfall and loss of strength of the hair.
? Incorporated into your diet foods that are rich in vitamin C and B-complex vitamins, such as whole grains, guava, dates and peaches.
? It should not be smoking, because nicotine interacts with the proteins in the body affecting the hair.