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Melagyn is a brand that is in charge of protecting and caring for the health and well-being intimate in the various stages of the life of the woman, since it provides products which have been specifically formulated for the female gender.

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All their products are directed to generate an improvement in the health of the woman, regardless of the stage of life that is passing, as there are products for the fertile phase, motherhood and maturity.

Its products have been developed as a result of a new formulation and have been recommended by many doctors and midwives, and transformed into a line that provides solutions for the health of the woman.

This brand has a renowned reputation among healthcare professionals and patients as a result of his excellent results in the protection and care of the woman.

Why use the products of Melagyn?

All products of this prestigious brand have been designed with the aim of preserving the area of intimacy with optimal hygiene to prevent infections that can result in ailments are more serious.

It is important to make a hygiene effective of the genital area, as one of the most sensitive of the female body, so this mark certifies a intimate care upper and prevents the occurrence of infections that can damage your health.

This brand has developed a range of products that have been conceived and designed with the aim of improving the hygiene of women, with the support of the laboratory Gynea.

This pharmaceutical company is family capital, and was founded in the year 1999, with the purpose of specializing in the improvement of the health of women and is considered as a reference in gynecology.

Their products are the result of multiple investigations that are responsible for assessing the different stages and situations of the life of the woman.

What products does Melagyn?

This brand has specialized in the care of the external intimate hygiene, as it is of great importance that the intimate area female is kept clean to prevent the onset of infections.

Among its products are the gels dermoprotectores, that have been indicated for the care of sensitive skin, providing effectively the daily intimate hygiene that both are required.

Originate a sense of calm and restore the skin, providing a feeling of freshness without drying out, because it includes in its composition tea tree oil and a pH slightly alkaline, more than 8.

Also, Melagyn produces moisturizing mucoadhesivos, which provide an improvement in the hydration of the time they collaborate with the recovery of the flexibility and elasticity of the vaginal mucosa.

Can be used as a treatment for cases of dry, thanks to its content of hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica, tea tree, glycoprotein, and alpha-glucoligosacáridos. In addition, it has a presentation in spray that creates a refreshing action while relieving the itching sensation and improves the sensation of comfort.

In addition, it counts with solutions vaginal yeast that can be used for the treatment of vulvovaginitis and cervicovaginitis.

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