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  • Vitis gingival tooth Paste 150 ml Duplo
    Vitis gingival tooth Paste 150 ml Duplo

    Has killing power.Prevents the bacterial plaque.Prevents the appearance of caries.Protects tooth enamel.It is a pack of two dentríficos.Contributes to saving.

    14,95 € -25.0528% 11,20 €
  • Bexident Encias Triclosan Pasta Pack Saver Duplo 250 ml
    Bexident Encias Daily Use Pasta Pack Saver Duplo 250 ml

    2 Pastes of 125 ml. Prevents gingival bleeding. Avoid back pain. It does not stain the denture. Triclosan that is released slowly. Antiseptic.

    12,00 € -29.2339% 8,49 €
  • Vitis encias pasta 150 ml
    Vitis Encias Pasta 150 ml

    Vitis Toothpaste for gum care sensitive with triclosan prevents the bleeding of the gums and fácilita regeneration, thus preventing its degradation. Prevents the gingival bleeding, and improves the sensitivity of the gums

    8,00 € -19.9697% 6,40 €
  • Perio Aid Treatment Gel 75
    Perio Aid Treatment Gel 75

    Perio aid Gel periodontal treatment, ensures cleaning of the mouth, avoiding infections, and to prevent bleeding of gums and improve oral health

    9,95 € -32.1427% 6,75 €
  • Bexident Gum Chlorhexidine Gingival Gel 50 ml
    Bexident Gum Chlorhexidine Gingival Gel 50 ml

    Provides antiseptic effect. Calms the gums. Decreases inflammation. Minimizes bacterial plaque Treats gingivitis and tooth sensitivity. Presentation of 50ml. Strengthens enamel.

    7,00 € -24.4614% 5,29 €
  • Kin forte Encias pasta dental 125 ml
    Kin forte Gums toothpaste 125 ml

    Kin forte gums toothpaste 125 ml is a dentifrico for dental use and for prevention of bleeding and comprehensive care of the gum, which is formulated by laboratorios kin prevents bleeding and pain with its formula's innovative.

    6,95 €
  • Oral-B System Care Gum 85ml + Protective Gel 63ml
    Entrega en 24 horas
    Oral-B System Care Gum 85ml + Protective Gel 63ml

    Promotes oral hygiene.Improves gum healthEliminates bacteria in the mouthReduces the bleeding of the gums.To reduce the formation of tartar.Prevents and treats the symptoms of gingivitis.

    15,00 € -20.3013% 11,95 €
  • gingi lacer mouthwash gingi lacer mouthwash
    Out of stock
    Gingilacer Mouthwash 500 ml

    Suitable for gum care. Reduces inflammation and bleeding. Presentation of 500 ml. Can be used daily. Reduces discomfort. Does not contain alcohol.

    8,95 € -19.5946% 7,20 €
  • Gingilacer toothpaste 125 ml
    Out of stock
    Ginger Paste 125 ml

    Reduces gingival bleeding. Results after 48 hours. Prevents the development of dental plaque. Protects and tones gums. Presentation of 125 ml. Daily use.

    6,50 € -23.8361% 4,95 €
  • cariax gingival paste duplo saving
    Out of stock
    Cariax Gingival Toothpaste 125 ml Duplo

    Cariax Gingival Toothpaste in packaging duplo saving, the most effective mpasta against bleeding gums and gingivitis, thanks to its formulation takes care of the denture in a comprehensive and effective way.

    8,95 € -19.5946% 7,20 €
  • phb gingival toothpaste 100 ml phb gingival toothpaste 100 ml
    Out of stock
    Phb Gingival Toothpaste 100ml

    PHB Gingival toothpaste 100 ml, with the flavor of fresh mint, formulated for the prevention and care of gums, cpc, cetyl pyridinium, provitamin B5, and with very little abrasiveness which allows to daily use.

    6,00 € -25% 4,50 €
  • Gingilacer Paste 125 ml Gift Pack
    Out of stock
    Gingilacer Paste 125 ml Pack Mouthwash 100 ml Gift

    Gingilacer Toothpaste 125 ml with mouthwash sample of 100 ml gift. A great offer of complete gum protection. A complete mouth cleaning requires comprehensive cleaning. Brushing with a soft brush plus gum paste and finishing with mouthwash ensures complete and perfect gum hygiene.

    7,01 € -24.3523% 5,30 €
  • Gingilacer Mouthwash 200 ml
    Out of stock
    Gingilacer Mouthwash 200 ml

    Gingilacer Mouthwash 200 ml a mouthwash for treatment and maintenance of gums, prevents bleeding gums as well as possible infections or painful gums.

    6,00 € -15.121% 5,09 €
  • Chlorhexidine Lacer Spray 40 ml
    Out of stock
    Chlorhexidine Lacer Spray 40 ml

    Chlorhexidine Lacer Spray 40 ml it is a spray for oral application and to take care of your gums as well as major problems such as periodontitis. It is also used to help treat gingivitis as well as control dental plaque. In implants and caries prevention is perfect. It is ideal when you should not touch the affected area since with the spray you access...

    8,00 € -21.18% 6,30 €

Gum is the meat that generates protection to the teeth, which coats the internal zone of the jaws and has a pale pink colour.

The function of this is not only the protection of the teeth also creates the subject of the same, as a consequence, it is of great importance that this area is healthy, because otherwise they may suffer from falling of the teeth.

You must perform a perfect hygiene if you want the maintenance of this flesh, this is generated through a proper use of brush, floss, and rinse giving the cleaning properly, preventing the emergence of bacterial plaque that causes so much damage.


Types of Gum

Are you a mucosal tissue that exists in the oral cavity, which coats the teeth, bearing this in a pale pink. In addition, it provides a seal that creates a protective effect on the bone and other supporting tissues.

For this reason it is essential to the care and extreme caution, because when generated the onset of periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss and even bone. There are two types of gum according to the area where you will find:

  1. Attached: lining the teeth, generating a form of collar. In certain cases this prototype is alternated with grafts or contoured Gums.
  2. Marginal or Free: it is located exactly on top of the adhered and is the one that prevents the lips is removed and is not visible, this area is soft and sensitive to the maximum difference of the previous and is where usually appear the canker sore.

Gum disease

We must be sure to possess a proper dental health, and this is not only for the state of the teeth but also provides a care in the Gums, to maintain the security of both pieces form a denture ideal and attached correctly to the jawbone.

Below, mentioned diseases of the gums, most known:

  •  Gingivitis

Is generated at the time that the plaque that builds up on teeth and begins to attack the gums. If this area is suffering from this disease results in inflammation and bleeding at the time of touching or washing the teeth.

This being the initial stage can be easily treated when detected early, in most cases, people who suffer from it do not have knowledge of the same, especially smokers because nicotine covers the effects of this pathology.

There are different factors that influence the occurrence of this disease, such as poor dental hygiene, hormonal changes such as pregnancy, uncontrolled diabetes, some medications, and poorly aligned teeth.

  • Periodontitis

It is the developed state of the periodontal disease, is when the plaque has been introduced under the Gums, reaching the inner part of the tooth and the bone of the teeth.

There are various causes that can lead to the appearance of this disease as they are poor dental hygiene, smoking, hormonal changes such as menopause, certain medications, genetic predisposition, and bruxism.

Should be treated urgently due to not do it suffers the risk of losing the tooth and the bone, which is worthy of an implant to place the bone back in place.

Prevention of Gum disease

If you want to achieve a prevention right of the diseases that occur in the Gums, it should generate a good cleaning after every meal.

On the other hand, it should go regularly to the dentist making with check-ups to keep a control on the occurrence of any infection in your mouth.

It is necessary to perform cleanups or scraped achieving the complete removal of the plaque that can build up between teeth and in the gumline.

If the dental disease are diagnosed in the periods advanced you may need surgical intervention as the graft of bone tissues or soft, the use of medications and antibiotics in addition to the regeneration of tissues, among others.

Gum care

Since children are taught at home the importance of cleaning the teeth to generate a clean mouth, although often ignored, the incidence of hygiene as an essential part in the health of the teeth and gums.

You must follow the following tips to achieve healthy gums managing to avoid periodontal disease such as gingivitis.

  1. When you perform the brushing should be attempting to support the brush at the junction between the tooth and gum to achieve the extraction of food that become trapped in the middle.
  2. The support is made movements gently in the form of a circle-both in the internal zone as in the outside between the teeth and the molars.
  3. It must be reviewed at least once a day the area completely by placing the control of the brush parallel to the floor, and that the bristles facing upwards in the direction of the upper gum, or in the opposite direction to the bottom.
  4. With a simple sweep soft is sufficient for the removal of the remains that may exist between the gum and the lip.
  5. The use of dental floss or interdental brushes is extremely important and should be done at least once a day, with this you will avoid the accumulation of food in the gums that can create bacteria.
  6. Preventing periodontal disease, but you must learn to use the correct utensils to not look affected the gum in each cleaning.
  7. The brush should be changed every three months to prevent the buildup of bacteria that can then be transmitted to the inside of the mouth.
  8. The use of mouthwash is important to prevent dryness and favor the elimination of the occurrence of the bacteria in the mouth, it is recommended to use a mouthwash without alcohol.
  9. Eating apples is exceptional because it's an excellent eliminator plate, helping the maintenance of dental health.
  10. Go to the dentist for the realization of cleanings to contribute in a professional manner to oral health.
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