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Grintuss Pediatric Syrup 180 ml


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From the 2 years is a formula natural and fast-acting, and mechanics on the cough of children. Without contraindicantes and with three effects benefits about yourself, barrier Effect, bucofariígeo, because it relieves itchy or annoying cough of children. Grintuss children is recommended from 2 years ago.

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Grintuss Pediatric syrup 180 ml it is a product that integrates between its cough suppressant elements honey and other molecular materials that generate a preventive work of the upper respiratory tract.

It intervenes minimizing the cough in its different types either dry or productive, canceling in a regulated way the irritation of the mucosa, helping to improve hydration and the exclusion of mucus.

This syrup is made with components of organic farming, does not contain gluten and gives a pleasant taste for the little ones, the grintuss pediatric price makes it affordable to be acquired at any pharmacy.

Grintuss Pediatric Jarabe 180 ml

How Grintuss Pediatric works syrup 180 ml

This pediatric product favors the protection of the mucosa, reducing irritation, thanks to hydrating and assisting in the expulsion of mucus by the effect of the following mechanisms:

  1. Barrier effect: creating a protective layer that is fixed in the mucosa and preserves it from contact with irritants.
  2. Mucoregulatory result: it causes the hydration of the mucus and helps to make it easier to eliminate it.
  3. Lubricating effect: minimizes rubbing in the pharynx that causes coughing.
  4. This syrup modifies the cough without cancelling it, leaving it to exercise its function as significant as it is the defense of the upper respiratory tract.

Features of Grintuss Pediatric syrup 180 ml

The Grintuss brand pediatric syrup contains a series of features that makes it a special product for cough care in children older than 1 year, such as:

  • It generates a positive effect on dry cough as it minimizes irritation of the throat while protecting the upper respiratory tract.
  • Another very important feature is the grintuss pediatric price, as it has a cost that makes it very accessible.
  • It contains lyophilized extracts of plantain, grindelia and helichrysum that come from biological cultures, which provide multiple benefits in the cure of cough.
  • Because it contains honey, it generates a pleasant taste that children love.

How to use Grintuss Pediatric syrup 180 ml

This syrup is made especially for the treatment of cough, either dry or productive, specifically for children from 1 year of age.

Its dosage is suggested to be 5 ml or one small spoonful for children aged 1 to 6 years and 10 ml or two teaspoons for infants over 6 years, at least twice a day and at most four times a day.

It is suggested that the last dose of the day be given before the child goes to bed at night.

grintuss pediatric price provide in the box a spoon that specifies the different doses for a more accurate take and then use it is recommended to close the bottle well and carefully clean the spoon.

After opening the bottle of Grintuss Pediatric syrup 180 ml you have a maximum of three months to use the product without generating any negative effect.

Un jarabe estupendo, calma la tos de mis hijos ayudándoles en la recuperación del constipado
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Solemos dárselo a nuestros hijos cuando están con bastante tos y les alivia, y ellos se lo toman bien
Opinión basada sobre compra
Genial para calmar la tos
Opinión basada sobre compra
Quizá el único jarabe que le funciona bien a mi peque, lo recomiendo
Opinión basada sobre compra
Lo uso desde hace un año y me ha ahorrado unas cuantas complicaciones en cuanto a tos en mi hijo.
Opinión basada sobre compra