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Grintuss Adults 20 Tablets


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Grintuss Adults 20 Tablets

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These tablets are made with active ingredients such as honey and other molecular combinations, which result in a broad protective effect against congestion of the upper respiratory tract minimizing different types of cough.

Grintuss Adult 20 Tablets it helps in the elimination of dry and productive coughs, thanks to the fact that it neutralizes the congestion of the mucosa, improving its hydration and minimizing the mucus without suppressing the cough immediately.

Its formula is specially designed to be ingested by young people from 12 years and adults of any age since, it benefits the composition of all symptoms by combating the causes that generate them. 

Grintuss Adultos 20 Comprimidos

What Grintuss adults 20 tablets contains

This dry and Productive Cough soothing product is made with ingredients that can be ingested by anyone over 12 years of age including elderly, celiac and pregnant and lactating women as long as it has been approved by their attending physician.

Among the functional substances of Grintuss Adult 20 Tablets they meet:

  1. Honey: helps to achieve the protection of the mucosa, the mucoadhesive action and to give a charming flavor to the tablets.
  2. Molecular complex of resins, polysaccharides and flavonoids of Grindelia, plantain and helichrysum (polyresin); titrated in polysaccharides (molecular weight > 20 000 dalton) = 20 %.
  3. It also contains among other active ingredients that are the result of organic farming and does not contain gluten.

This product is made as a result of innovative processes of suppression and creation that help to group the polysaccharide fractions, resins and flavonoids that are responsible for the mucoadhesive and preserving action of the mucosa.

Instructions for use Grintuss adult 20 tablets

Grintuss Adult 20 Tablets it is a drug suitable for the treatment of dry or productive cough and its formula is created to be used in adults and young people who are over 12 years of age.

These tablets help protect the mucosa by reducing irritation, hydrating and promoting the expulsion of mucus, generates hydration of mucus and influencing its elimination.

The way to consume these tablets is very simple they are allowed to dissolve little by little in the mouth, they should be taken one by one since they are individually packaged.

Effect Grintuss adult 20 tablets

These cough soothing tablets favor the protection of the mucosa thanks to the fact that it calms irritation, dilutes and assists in the expulsion of mucus as a result of the following components of action:

  • Barrier effect: forming a protective film that is embedded in the mucosa and protects it from mixing with irritants.
  • Mucoregulatory action: causes hydration of the mucus and benefits the elimination process.
  • Lubricating action: minimizes irritation in the area of the pharynx that is the cause of cough.

This medicine reduces cough without eliminating it completely, so that in this way it performs its important function of protecting the upper respiratory tract.

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