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Grintuss Adult Syrup 180 ml


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A formula of action mechanical and no contraindications that allows the improvement in respiratory processes in a natural way, it is a product based on honey and molecular complexes that performs a protective action on our body, with barrier effect, oropharyngeal effect and lubricating action on our throat.

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Thanks to its formula rich in helichrysum, freeze-dried, among other ingredients Grintuss Adult Syrup 180 ml it comprises a series of protective qualities that help by improving the irritation of the pharynx and achieving a great improvement by minimizing coughing.

Among its main ingredients contains honey that offers a soothing and protective action of the upper respiratory tract. In addition, among its benefits it adds the enjoyment of a pleasant taste in the mouth after ingesting.

This product is specially designed to improve the affections of the pharynx sometimes they can be serious, for this reason you have to take good care of this area especially when you notice any discomfort.

Why buy Grintuss Adult Syrup 180 ml in Pharmacy Market?

Grintuss Adult Syrup 180 ml it is a product made with a formulation based on natural ingredients that improves cough in any of its two dry or productive modalities, among its characteristics are:

  1. It is aimed especially for adults and young people from the age of 12, being very safe to be ingested by the elderly, pregnant and lactating women, with prior medical authorization.
  2. It generates a lenitive action of the upper respiratory tract thanks to its active compounds such as honey and other molecular complexes.
  3. It is specially formulated to impregnate the mucosa, limiting its contact with other external agents that irritate it.
  4. It creates a barrier effect that calms cough as a result of protecting the upper respiratory tract.
  5. Its ingredients are based on biological cultures that conceive mucoadhesive and protective results.

How to use Grintuss Adult Syrup 180 ml

Grintuss Adult Syrup 180 ml it can be ingested in doses of one tablespoon two or four times a day, alone or diluted in a small amount of hot drinks such as water, tea, milk or herbal teas.

At the time of opening the syrup should be consumed no earlier than three months so as not to have any type of negative effect or that does not generate the desired results due to having lost its antitussive qualities.

When opening the bottle, it must be shaken strongly so that its contents take a homogeneous form and then it must be closed tightly so that it is not contaminated with any external agent and always maintains the integrity of its ingredients.

If at the time of consuming this syrup some small undissolved remains are located, it is due to the high concentration of dehydrated extracts and this does not cause any harm to the patient, so it can be consumed with confidence.

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This medicine for people over 12 years of age is created with very small compounds of plant origin such as resins, among others.

These substances together with honey, provide the mucoadhesive, preserving and soothing property, in addition to a very charming taste.

All its ingredients come from the organic agriculture of laboratorios Aboca, it does not contain gluten which makes it perfect to be consumed by celiac patients. It also contains essential oils and natural lemon aroma among its ingredients.

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