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Goah Clinic Hair 60 Capsules


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  • Prevents hair loss.
  • Improves hair thickness and strength.
  • Reduces breakage and frizz.
  • Increases hydration and shine
  • Reduces scalp oil
  • Provides resistance to nails

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What is Goah Clinic Hair 60 Capsules?

Goah Clinic Hair 60 Capsules they are capsules that include a specific formula for hair care that collaborates with the decrease of hair loss, causing an improvement in its luminosity, resistance, elasticity and torsion.

In addition, its formulation gives strength to the hair since it has a high content of Keratin, while improving oxygenation and microcirculation of the scalp resulting in greater absorption of nutrients that the hair needs.

Its formulation includes totally natural components, in order to provide superior care from within to the skin, nails and hair, resulting in a healthy hair and full of life.

Why take Goah Clinic Hair 60 Capsules?

These capsules have been developed in order to provide the body with nutrients that decrease hair loss, while generating an improvement in the appearance and health of oily and weak hair, and strengthens brittle nails.

It includes a large amount of nutrients that generate an improvement in the luminosity of the hair, while increasing the resistance, elasticity, torsion and strength of the hair as a result of its high content of keratin.

Its mixture of components generates a contribution in oxygenation and favors the microcirculation of the scalp, resulting in an optimal contribution of all the nutrients that the hair requires to remain healthy.

Its components reduce scalp oil, while increasing the thickness of the hair causing an improvement in its resistance, decreases frizz, increases hydration and slows down hair loss.

In addition, it increases the strength of the hair, balances the natural elaboration of sebum in the scalp and strengthens the nails preventing it from breaking.

What are the characteristics of Goah Clinic Hair 60 Capsules?

They are capsules specially formulated to provide nutrients that decrease hair loss, while providing a higher dose of Keratin that provides optimal care to hair, scalp, nails and skin.

  • Promotes oxygenation and microcirculation of the scalp.
  • They allow all the nutrients it requires to stay healthy to reach the hair.
  • Increases resistance to nails.
  • Improves the radiance of the hair.
  • It increases the thickness of the hair, increasing its resistance and decreasing its breakage.
  • Reduces frizz.
  • Increases hydration.
  • Improves scalp circulation so nutrients reach the hair follicle.
  • Reduces scalp oil.
  • Provides an antioxidant effect.

Who is Goah Clinic Cabello 60 Capsules for?

Goah Clinic Hair 60 Capsules it has a formulation that can be ingested by women and men who want to decrease hair loss as well as for:

  • Oily scalp.
  • Improve the hardness and appearance of nails.
  • Improve hair hydration.
  • Increase the thickness and strength of the hair.

Composition of Goah Clinic Hair 60 Capsules

Grape Seed-Vitis vinifera; Keratin; Omega 3; Vitamin D3; vitamin E; Biotin; Zinc; Selenium

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