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Gluc Up

Everyone at some point in life we've had hypoglycemia, and it is not simply that it is because we suffer from diabetes, we have a sense that our body suffers a sudden low sugar. This occurs due to the usual effects such as inadequate power supply, or excessive sweating while doing some physical exercise, that is why we are more prone to suffering one, and we must prevent it, given that a low-glucose sudden causes dizziness, weakness and even loss of consciousness. Now to try these low-sudden glucose we bring to you Gluc Up, ideal formula is comfortable, simple, and effective way to combat that is so detrimental to our health.

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Why buy Gluc-up?

Because this is specifically designed to solve problems of glucose or fall in blood pressure. It is stisks that contain each about 15 grams of glucose liquid of rapid absorption. For its efficiency and speed, is one of the remedies most commonly used today. Remember that glucose is a fuel that is essential for our body to maintain the proper energy for us to both physical and mental. It is essential to preserve a level of glucose in the blood perfect with a controlled level, which will facilitate the proper intake of this glucose. The formulas Gluc up contain multiple flavors for you to choose the best you like providing you with a pleasant feeling while you take it. Of course getting in your body the correct values of glucose.

Characteristics of the products of Gluc up

Solution is a fast-absorbing, the medical experts endocrine indicate that these products are presented in envelopes with 15 grams of glucose. Since it is estimated that this amount is necessary to react to a fallout of glucose without causing adverse effects. Each of these envelopes is composed by:

  1. Water.

  2. Glucose monohydrate.

  3. Cargo agent (carboxymethylcellulose sodium).

  4. Acidifier (citric acid monohydrate).

  5. Preservative (sodium benzoate).

  6. Aroma.

This product is shipped in envelopes of pleasant flavors:

  1. Gluc up lemon 3-5-10-20 sticks: Container provided with 3 sticks, 5 sticks, 10 sticks, and another with 20 sticks available in a nice lemon flavor. Format ideal for people with drops of sugar asked. I practice so you don't have to hand in every moment of life. During your practice of the sport is also effective, as it acts in these moments where the lost excessive sweat can cause this fallout.

  2. Gluc up strawberry 3-5-10 sticks: Container provided with 3 sticks, 5 sticks, and 10 sticks. It is a sweet taste that provides the consumer that is pleasing absorption, it is ideal for people who want to always carry a stick glucose.

  3. Gluc up apple 3-5-10 sticks: Container provided with 3 sticks, 5 sticks, and 1st sticks, it is a flavor completely out of the ordinary, ideal to fight against a sudden drop in glucose in a place of domicile, place of work, practice, sport, etc

Gluc up, based on the rule of 15

The concentration of glucose contained in our products comes in response to a rule rigorous development of the American Diabetes association (ADA), called the “rule of 15”, which indicates that for the management of low sugar and avoid the feared adverse effect that would lead to an opposite effect is due to:

  1. Take 15 grams of glucose, a to be exact.

  2. Wait 15 minutes of rest for the body to absorb the content.

  3. If the fallout has yet to be controlled, it should take 15 grams of glucose. Because it indicates that your fallout is more profound.

Benefits of opting for gluc up

  1. Are immediate, rapid-absorbing, thanks to its high index glicemico

  2. Your decision is easy because the texture is liquid.

  3. It is a practical material that you can keep.

  4. Highly resistant Material, able to be transported while it requires you to do some kind of sport.

  5. Contains 15 grams exact glucose. Calculated by experts.

  6. Very practical to wear to any site, and take it when you need it.

  7. Pleasant flavours for all tastes.

Gluc up, benefits for the body

  1. Possess superior benefits immune transfer factors to provide support to the systems endocrine and metabolic, containing inflammatory responses to normal.

  2. Include minerals to support the production of healthy hormones.

  3. Have a glucose tolerance healthy and promotes the health of the pancreas.

How and when to take Gluc-up?

The gluc up as said above in addition to helping people hipoglicemicas, it also helps people where the fallout of glycemia, is very common. Have flavors and materials necessary for the glucose to be absorbed. This type of formula is useful for sports of great intensity or of a longer duration than the 70-90 minutes, without periods of rest.

It is usually indicated that for every hour of training should take liquid supplements with low levels of fat and fiber as the formula of gluc up. This supplement brings the values of rapid assimilation of glucose. You should make after 40 minutes of physical activity, and after the physical activity can be of great help to take glucose every 10 - 15 minutes with water and isotonic drinks.

Do not take this formula if you have a blood sugar controlled, as this would cause an adverse effect on the body, just like that, it is not recommended to administer it to children.

It controls a fallout of glucose!

If you have symptoms of hypoglycemia or “fallout of sugar” and you

  1. Monitor your glucose level. If you have a figure of less than 70 mg/dl, it is considered hypoglycemia.

  2. To counteract hypoglycemia either, medium, or moderate, using a stick of gluc up, following the rule 15.

  3. Re-perform the measurement

  4. If after the 15 minutes is still under the level of sugar, still again, the rule 15.

  5. You will continue the process until normalization of the level of sugar.

Acquires as your products of gluc up so that your body is the reward of that glucose loss.

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