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Global Remediation

The laboratories of Global Remediation manufacture their products using ingredients of natural origin, with the purpose of triggering results of the highest quality, which are not only limited to the manufacture of products, but to improve the quality of life of the society by means of knowledge.

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  • Regis H Silymarin 60 Tablets
    Out of stock
    Regis H Silymarin 60 Tablets

    Presentation of 60 tablets. Pure ingredients. Includes Regis H Silymarin. Preserves the health of the liver. Use daily. Improving bioavailability.

    36,95 € -32.4817% 24,95 €
  • Regis Kh Antiox 60 Tablets
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    Regis Kh Antiox 60 Tablets

    Pure ingredients. Processing. Multiple benefits. Antioxidant. Anti-age effect. Presentation of 60 capsules.

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  • Regis Cardio 30 Tablets
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    Regis Cardio 30 Tablets

    Favors nutrition. Improves heart function and normal. Suitable for athletes. Counteracts the oxidative stress. Includes Omega-3. It strengthens the bones.

    36,95 € -18.9364% 29,95 €

Their products are directed to generate an improvement in the health of all people, while collaborating with the struggle of daily stress to which they are exposed, creating as a result a healthier life as a result of a rapid response to any requirement

They are driven by multiple values such as innovation, environmental conservation, quality, and his work is aimed at getting customers to have excellent results from eating their products, which are the result of a great experience.

How do I start its activities Global Remediation?

This company was founded in the year 1998 in the city of Barcelona, as a laboratory dedicated to the study of natural medicine. In the present, develop, manufacture and distribute at national and international level her food supplements and natural cosmetics.

For nearly 20 years they have developed products that promote the improvement of the health and well-being thanks to the use of ingredients of natural origin, as these components have been used since ancient times for its therapeutic qualities.

All their products have scientific support of the medical team that collaborates with the company and with the use of the latest technology, giving rise to multiple responses and collaborating with the improvement of the most frequent problems of health.

What is the main objective and the values of Global Remediation?

It has as main objective to improve the understanding of the benefits generated by the medicinal plants in the health of the people, with the aim that their laboratories are consolidate for their care and use of components of nature.

In Global Remediation has values like the creation, the care for the environment, the quality and the experience is for customers to have the best results to obtain and ingest their products

What are the benefits of Global Remediation?

These products have been developed for the improvement of the health of the people, while trying to reduce the daily stress of the people and generates an improvement in their health as a result of your components of natural origin that are suited to the different requirements.

Has a medical team that includes front line professionals in various specialties who test the products and generate results that are in accordance with the various pathologies and dysfunctions that exist.

Have formulas that have a premium content of compounds with antioxidant effects that prevent various diseases related to bacteria and microorganisms, while promoting the normal functioning of the liver.

In addition, has resulted in excellent outcomes for those who suffer from heart problems thanks to the improvement that generates the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system.

Its supplements can decrease some setbacks and physical fatigue, memory loss and reduced mental acuity, the time has products aimed at the sexual health of men by increasing the sexual appetite, and the levels of testosterone

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