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Germisdin Wipes, Intimate Hygiene 20 Units


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Germisdin Wipes, Intimate hygiene with gift format, pocket of 10 units, referescantes and useful to carry at any time, maintain the ph of your skin.

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When performing intimate hygiene it is very important to perform it with products that take care of the harmony of one of the most delicate parts of the body, for this reason there is Germisdin Intimate Hygiene Wipes 20 Units.

These intimate wipes generate a greater cleaning, while providing a feeling of freshness and softness, managing to minimize the feeling of discomfort and itching that can generate possible irritations as a result of its content of oats and chamomile.

In the same way, they can be used daily for intimate hygiene, since they are ideal to be used outside the home and contain soft surfactants to generate an intimate hygiene of the skin with softer and more delicate results.

Benefits of Germisdin intimate hygiene wipes 20 units

Germisdin Intimate Hygiene Wipes 20 Units reduces irritation generated in the intimate area of the body as a result of the use of soaps that are not specialized for this area of the body.

These wipes are perfect to certify better hygiene with maximum protection, without relegating hydration, which is very important to reduce any kind of itching, irritation or discomfort.

To maintain a better intimate hygiene it is of great importance to accompany it with products that take care of the harmony of this sensitive part of the body.

Its formula includes a large amount of lactic acid, managing to preserve the pH of the vulvar and perianal area, generating great efficiency at the time of reducing itching that can be generated in the private parts of the body during the day.

In addition, these wipes have included in their formulation soft surfactants, which generate a more balanced cleaning without deteriorating the natural flora of this intimate area.

Characteristics of Germisdin intimate hygiene wipes 20 units

Germisdin Intimate Hygiene Wipes 20 they are essential to achieve a better cleaning with a supreme protection, providing at the same time an ideal hydration, being this necessary for the eradication of itching, irritation and discomfort that usually appears on the skin.

This is due to the formula that this product has which contains a concentration of lactic acid, offering the benefit of balancing the pH in the vulvar and perianal area, thus becoming completely useful towels when eradicating itching.

Also, this product dedicated to intimate hygiene contains an addition of mild surfactants, which offer a completely balanced cleaning that prevents the damage that usually occurs in the natural flora in the intimate female area.

Intimate cleaning should be carried out daily and at any time of the day whenever it deems necessary, in addition to being able to do it with this product anywhere. Thus achieving the prevention and reduction of possible itching and discomfort.

  • It is indicated for cleaning the intimate areas of the woman being this a completely delicate area.
  • Its use should be frequent and can be used at any time and place, without needing it to be dried.
  • It provides the benefit of being able to be discarded by the toilet.
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