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Reduced price! Germisdin Wipes 20+20 Units Duplo Promotion Expand
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Germisdin Wipes 20+20 Units Duplo Promotion


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  • Hygiene of the vulvar area.
  • With lactic acid.
  • Regulator's natural pH to the skin.
  • Power the body's natural defenses.
  • All-natural deodorant.
  • Protects against the assault microbial outside.

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Germisdin Wipes 20 + 20 Units Duplo Promotion it is a pack that includes two packs of towels, made to promote feminine hygiene taking care of the balance of one of the most sensitive parts of the body.

Its presentation includes a small amount of wipes in order to favor transfer away from home, in order to collaborate with the hygiene of the vulvo-vaginal and perianal area of the woman wherever she is.

In its formula are soft surfactants that improve the cleanliness and softness of the area, while its content of oat and chamomile extracts achieve the reduction of discomfort such as itching and irritations.

With its use, changes in pH or temperature are prevented, since this product is dermatologically and gynecologically tested.

Germisdin Toallitas 20+20 Unidades Duplo Promoción

What benefits does the use of Germisdin wipes 20+20 units Duplo promotion?

It is a product that provides an improvement in the cleanliness, freshness and softness of the female intimate parts, while reducing the discomfort and itching of possible irritations due to its content of oats and chamomile.

It has been dermatologically and gynecologically tested, since these towels have as their main objective to favor the hygiene of this delicate area of the skin, without generating any type of alteration in the flora.

It helps to preserve the acidity of the genital mucosa in a normal way, while providing a greater sensation of freshness and softness; its presentation in Wipes is quite manageable favoring its use at any time and to be clean away from home.

What is the composition of Germisdin wipes 20 + 20 units Duplo promotion?

In the content of Germisdin wipes 20 + 20 units Duplo promotion we find a variety of surfactants of natural origin that provide a fairly soft texture, originating a neutral cleaning without deteriorating the natural flora of the most intimate area.

It has an excellent content of oats and chamomile in order to reduce the appearance of possible irritations, since it favors and preserves the hydration of the skin, reducing the symptoms that originate from irritation.

Additionally, it includes lactic acid in its formula in order to preserve the pH balance of the vulvar and perianal area, resulting in excellent results at the time of reducing the itching that originate in these parts of the body during the day.

The Union of these components results in greater protection, while retaining the hydration that is required to prevent any kind of itching, irritation or discomfort.

Who is Germisdin wipes 20 + 20 units Duplo promotion for?

It is a product made especially for women who are in need of a very gentle intimate care at any time or place of the day.

These wipes have been developed to be used frequently in the intimate and external perianal area, at any time or place during the day since it is not necessary to use towels after use to dry.

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