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Germisdin Intimate Hygiene 500 ml


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Germisdin intimate hygiene gel. Gel-cream physiological. pH 6. Indications: hygiene soft daily intimate.Prevents the ph of your body, especially private areas, preventing infections and maintains the strict ph of your skin and private parts while avoiding mushrooms.

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Germisdin Intimate Hygiene 500 ml it is made from lactic acid, which is a natural controller of cutaneous pH, helps to fortify natural defenses, while working as a natural deodorant and protecting the intimate area from external aggressions.

This gel helps to reduce itching and irritations, without deteriorating the stability of this tissue that is very delicate, so it helps maintain the natural acidity of the mucosa and prevents the consequences of cleaning with alkaline soaps.

Additionally, it generates an excellent cleaning, regenerates hydration and prevents irritations or inflammations that are a consequence of the aggressiveness of other body hygiene products.

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Benefits of Germisdin Intimate Hygiene 500 ml

Good intimate hygiene is very important at the moment to preserve the health of the genital area, so it is essential to use products that have a specific formulation and that is clinically proven, to certify vulvovaginal health.

It is a soft gel that can be used daily use, since it includes soft surfactants that help preserve, moisturize and soften the intimate area, generating a greater intimate balance as a result of lactic acid.

Germisdin Intimate Hygiene 500 ml  it generates an excellent relief from itching, while generating an incredible sensation of freshness and softness, since this product generates an excellent cleaning without disturbing the natural pH.

This gel has a very soft and special formulation so it can be used during pregnancy and postpartum, since at those times the vaginal pH is easily altered so it is advisable to use specific soaps for intimate cleaning.

This intimate gel includes among its ingredients lactic acid and cellulosic polymers that help improve the care of the external vaginal area, while helping in the cancellation of natural odors achieving greater protection against microbial aggressions.

Another advantage is that its cleansing formula is directed especially to be used in the external vaginal area, conserving the normal acidity of the mucosa, that is, a neutral pH.

Characteristics of Germisdin Intimate Hygiene 500 ml

Germisdin Intimate Hygiene 500 ml it can be used with total confidence during pregnancy and the postpartum period because it is a product aimed especially at the hygiene of the intimate area.

  • It is specially formulated to perform the hygiene of the vulvar and perianal area, with a pH directed to the intimate area.
  • Invigorates the skin in its protective work as a natural barrier
  • It preserves the entire flora of the vulvar area and prevents itching and discomfort that can cause other hygiene products.
  • It includes mild surfactants that do not have excess soap.
  • It is dermatologically and gynecologically tested.

Indications of Germisdin Intimate Hygiene 500 ml

Germisdin Intimate Hygiene 500 ml respects the pH of the vulvar area while preserving its flora intact, as a result of the incorporation of lactic acid into its composition it is suitable for all skin types.

It should be applied to the skin when it is moistened, rinsing with plenty of water after foaming.