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Germisdin Intimate Calm 250 ml


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Germisdin Intimate Calm 250 ml Isdin helps to soothe the itching and irritation thanks to its double agent, anti-itch medicine, with soothing properties, soothing and anti-irritants: Gynecalm and Laureth-9.

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Germisdin intim Calm 250 ml it is a gel made with the aim of generating a better cleaning in the intimate area of women daily, since it is indicated for those who tend to suffer from irritation and itching in the area of the vulva or the perineal.

It contains a completely soft texture composed of a gel-cream that generates a pleasant application of it. In addition, this product does not contain any type of soap which favors in the Prevention of itching and irritation since it includes Gynecalm.

It offers a completely effective hygiene, avoiding the alteration of the natural balance that the resident flora must have, achieving a maintenance in the acidity of the normal structure of the mucosa and eradicating the consequences generated by hygiene with extra alkaline soaps.

Benefits of Germisdin intim Calm 250 ml

Germisdin intim Calm 250 ml it is a gel made for cleaning the intimate area daily, composed of a unique formula, aimed at the relief of itching and irritations that usually occur in the area of the vulva.

This is due to its concentration of Gynecalm and Laureth9, which contains an extrasoft additive known as gel-cream, which creates in the involved area a physiology that keeps intact the pH of the physiological acid completely normal.

It offers an ideal protection managing to neutralize the odors that usually appear in the external area of the vagina, offering a better feeling in the area after use, since it has the function of eliminating and preventing itching and irritation.

In this way, in its composition can be found cellulosic agents that improve the protection in an extra soft way and effectively contain the physiology of this area as a result of the acid pH that generates antiseptic functions.

This gel is excellent to generate a greater cleaning in the intimate area of women guaranteeing a great protection of this area which is very delicate, so it eliminates any type of discomfort that it may contain.

Function of Germisdin intim Calm 250 ml

Germisdin intim Calm 250 ml it is a gel made to be used daily, indicated to create an optimal cleaning in the intimate area as a result of the completely soft and respectful surfactants it contains.

  • It offers protection and hygiene, generating a soft but effective result at the same time.
  • By using it manages to refresh and neutralize the odors that the area usually contains.
  • Eliminates itching and irritation.
  • It is essential for skins that are usually sensitive.

Characteristics of Germisdin intim Calm 250 ml

It is a gel indicated for daily intimate hygiene, since it has in its formulation Gynecal, Laureth-9, Bioecolia and lactic acid, which offer an improvement in itching and irritations that usually occur in the vulva area.

It is made with a super soft and creamy texture, providing a simple cleaning without generating damage to the intimate area.

  • It has an extra soft protection on the skin due to the creamy texture elaborated in gel-cream.
  • Provides an ideal freshness in the area.
  • It is formulated to improve pH thanks to physiological acid and a concentration of mild surfactants.
  • It contains a practical format with dispenser for easy application.
  • It is dermatologically and gynecologically approved.
  • It is a completely soft gel special to be used in the intimate areas.
  • It comes in a pack containing 250 ml.
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