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Germisdin Gel Bath Aloe Vera 1000 ml + Gel Sanitizing Hands-120 ml


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  • This is a pack of two products.
  • Both products are brand ISDIN.
  • Both are used for the hygiene of the body and hands.
  • Protect against bacteria.
  • Prevent virus.
  • One of the products requires the joint use of water.

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Do you want to protect yourself from bacteria while taking care of your skin?

All ISDIN brand products are designed with a focus on dermocosmetics. Germisdin Aloe Vera Bath Gel 1000 ml + hand sanitizer Gel 120 ml it is a pack with everything you need to sanitizing your body and hands. All this without neglecting the health of your skin.

Our skin requires minimal care to appear good health. Like all organs in the body, it requires special care. These two products will help protect you in places of high germ density, in addition to providing nutrition to your skin.

How do these products help you?

This pack is a promotion that contains two products for the hygiene and protection of your skin. Below we will tell you how each one helps you separately:

  • Germisdin Aloe Vera Bath Gel 1000 ml: This bath gel developed by Germisdin from ISDIN laboratories, requires rinsing for use. It is formulated with aloe vera, which guarantees that its use causes good health and nutrition in the skin of the body. It is well known the many benefits that aloe vera has on the epidermis.

  • Hand sanitizing Gel 120 ml: This product is also developed by ISDIN laboratories, however it does not need to be rinsed with water. In fact its small size is designed so that you carry it to the places where you want to sanitize your hands without using water. Especially in those very crowded places such as ginmasios or swimming pools, where there is proliferation of microorganisms.

How are these products used?

The bath gel contained in this pack needs to be used together with water or with moistened skin when applying, lather and then rinse with water.

The hand sanitizing gel does not need water to rinse. You can apply it any time you need to clean your hands. It absorbs very quickly and your hands are completely dry.

What do we recommend?

We are going to recommend a series of things so that after you acquire this excellent product, you get the best of the benefits and use it consciously.

  • Keep these products out of the reach of children.
  • Keep them also stored in places without the direct incidence of sunlight, as well as away from environments with very high temperatures.
  • These products are intended for topical use only.
  • In case of accidental ingestion of this product, contact your trusted doctor.

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Opinión basada sobre compra
Ya lo había usado y me encanta, no solo por su olor sino por qué me deja la piel muy suave. Lo recomiendo.
Opinión basada sobre compra