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Germisdin Body hygiene 1000 ml +100ml


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  • Includes a pack with a bottle of 1000ml and another 100 ml format traveler.
  • Contains agents antiseptics.
  • It prevents the multiplication of microorganisms harmful to the skin.
  • Includes a slightly acidic pH.
  • It is used in a simple way.
  • With its use replaces the soap.

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Germisdin body care 1000ml + 100ml it is a product that favors the cleaning of the skin, since it has a soft texture and very simple to rinse, so it can be used as an adjuvant of treatments with antiseptic drugs.

Its components generate excellent results in the oily skin of the body, since it includes specific actives to improve skin hygiene and includes a slightly acidic pH to prevent microorganisms from multiplying in the skin.

It can be used in order to generate daily hygiene and antiseptic without damaging the skin, preventing possible contagions and infections, since it certifies an effective hygiene in those people who comply with treatments for dermatological infections.

Benefits of Germisdin body hygiene 1000 ml +100ml

It is a product made as an acid substitute for soap in order to originate an aseptic hygiene of the skin and hair, since it includes an acid pH that generates excellent positive results on the skin and an antiseptic effect.

Its components help to preserve the hydrolipidic mantle of the skin with a fairly low level of epidermal irritation.

In addition, it can be applied as a shampoo, favoring the hygiene of the scalp to leave it free of microorganisms, leaving a softer hair, with greater luminosity and quite simple to comb.

It collaborates with the Prevention of the multiplication of microorganisms in the skin, while avoiding possible infections after coming into contact with swimming pools, gyms, people in contact with patients preventing the spread of infections

Characteristics of Germisdin body hygiene 1000 ml +100ml

Germisdin body care 1000ml + 100ml it can be used as a complement in the use of cutaneous anti-infective treatments, since it provides its antiseptic quality as a result of its content of a physiological acid pH that preserves the balance of the hydrolipidic mantle.

  • It increases the defenses of the skin in order to avoid the multiplication of microorganisms.
  • It is an acid substitute for soap, since it originates an antiseptic hygiene.
  • Its antiseptic agents include a pH4.
  • It prevents infections from occurring in risk situations such as care of the sick, swimming pools, kitchens, schools, among others.
  • They have a soft gel texture that leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin.
  • Includes physiological acid pH.
  • Its presentation is made in a promotional pack that contains a large container of 1000 ml and another of 100 ml in gift traveler format.

Indications of Germisdin body hygiene 1000 ml +100ml

Germisdin body care 1000ml + 100ml it is specially formulated to be used on the skin of children and adults, since it adapts to all skin types, so it is recommended to apply once a day during the daily shower.

A small dose should be applied to wet skin, to rinse at the end and dry without rubbing, especially the areas most exposed to microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses; these areas can be located between the fingers and toes, armpits, nails, among others.

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