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Gema Herrerias

Gem Herrerías is a brand that develops products aimed at the dermo-cosmetics with the purpose of generating multiple benefits in the care of the skin with the design of the best formulations in the market.

Among the products of this prestigious brand are targeted to the cleaning of the skin, being employed as a step of great importance in the routine cosmetic.

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As well as serums and other products have been well received in the market and are prepared with textures very pleasant that favor their use and achieve excellent results in the conservation of the health and appearance of the skin.

What is Gem Herrerías?

GH Herrerias is a brand that stands out from the rest, thanks to its innovative formulations that have been created as a result of multiple investigations, analysis and a large amount of testing their products before bringing them to market.

This company is quite young, since he only has 2 years on the market and has been created by Dr. Gem Blacksmiths who is a reference in the field of cosmetics, and has over 15 years of experience in the sector of the dermofarmacia.

Taking charge of developing products that promote the care of the skin using raw materials that generate multiple benefits to include them in their formulas, which are studied and cared for provide a large amount of advantages to the consumers.

All of their products Gem Blacksmiths have been designed to meet the requirements of the consumers, which include components of effective and differentiators, trying to preserve the sensory and improve the care of the skin.

This brand has a team in which to include dermatologists experts to design a line of cosmetics with the highest quality and effectiveness to the various problems that may exist different types of skin.

In addition, this brand has a broad commitment to the environment, so to develop any product concerned initially by the design of the packaging, which must be made in order to respect the environment and transforming them into eco-sustainable.

What is the difference between the products Gem Herrerías other cosmetic products?

The products of the online Gem Herrerias have been produced with components quite basic, but with great formulas that allow them to treat the requirements of each type of skin, and features packaging that respect the ecosystem.

This company has been created from scratch, at the same time that its products and formulations are entirely made in Spain, and all features with a wide scientific evidence because they have been designed to promote the care of the skin.

All Products Gem Herrerias is based on more than 15 years experience of this pharmaceutical specializing in dermofarmacia, so that their innovative formulas provide a superior efficacy and contain a wealth of cosmetic actives.

In addition, their laboratories contain an R & D department that is responsible for developing new formulas with the use of raw materials that have multiple efficacy studies and the large quantity of its products have passed tests of tolerance in vivo on sensitive skin.

Why is it so important to the wealth of cosmetic actives for Gem Herrerías?

The products produced by GH Herrerías to the care of the skin does not have the same formulas on the market, since many studies have been conducted with different raw materials that can be adapted to each formula and requirement of the skin.

The development of their products is based on the uniqueness of each raw material and the results they bring, originating as a result of the innovation of its products as one of its signs of identity.

Standing out as a cosmetic brand that produces unique formulas, with greater effectiveness and with the use of cosmetic actives of high-wealth that generate a lot of benefits that last for a longer time.

Why is it so important innovation for Gem Herrerías?

All the products made by this brand have been the result of research, to discover and develop, and it is regarded as a Gem Herrerías as a fan of the innovation in the field of dermo-cosmetics.

So that the different compositions prepared by GH Herrerias have a great singularity, and can be considered as a unique formulations, as they have been developed as a result of large amount of hours of work, research and testing.

Generated as a result a recipe masterful, with unique effects that can improve the skin thanks to the use of active components effective, which are directed to an increasingly demanding society.

What is GH Gem Forges a brand, eco sustainable?

Innovation is one of the aspects that has great importance within the business model of Gem Herrerías, but it is important to mention that the brand pays great attention to the preservation of the environment.

In the development of all containers of GH Gem Blacksmiths used components eco-sustainable, with the aim of asserting his commitment to the conservation of the environment.

In addition, we run a large amount of resources to Research and Development, with the purpose of generating products that do not generate any kind of impairment to the client, or the environment. As well as their packaging have been targeted to generate less amount of waste.

What are the most successful product of Gem Herrerías?

All Products Gem Blacksmiths have an excellent acceptance in the market, but the leading sales are:

  • Oil cleaner Gem Blacksmiths: their formulation enables you to remove the make-up of any type of skin, generating multiple benefits to be used as the first product in the usual care of the face.

  • Eye contour anti-aging global: creates a complete action anti-aging and so lessens all the problems that originate in the eye contour area.

  • Moisturizing mask: increases moisture levels in all skin types, so it should only be applied to two nights a week, leaving generate their results throughout the night.

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