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Gallexier 250 ml


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  • Made from medicinal plants
  • Improves cases of heavy digestion.
  • Promotes liver function.
  • Presentation of 250 ml.
  • It includes bitter principles.
  • Improves liver cells.

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What is Gallexier 250 ml?

Gallexier 250 ml it is a tonic formulated with medicinal plants that provide a large amount of bitter principles, while generating its stimulating effect on the liver and favors the functional environment of liver cells.

With its intake, the natural detoxifying function of the liver is reinforced, while an improvement in stomach functions and the hepatobiliary system is generated, fortifying these organs and reactivating the activity of the gallbladder.

Therefore, after its intake, an increase in the flow of bile is caused and it is prevented from thickening, preventing gallstones and grit from being created, while generating an improvement in the digestion of meals by strengthening the gastrointestinal tract.

What are the active components of Gallexier 250 ml?

It is a tonic that has a mixture of ingredients of natural origin that generates an increase in the natural detoxifying function of the liver, while strengthening the function of the stomach and the hepatobiliary system, thanks to its content of:

  • Artichoke: it generates a strong diuretic effect as a result of its high potassium content, generating a decrease in obesity problems, fluid retention, high levels of uric acid and osteoarticular diseases.
  • Aquilea: treats heavy digestions, ulcers and acidity or reflux as it provides bitter principles, while providing flavonoids that decrease stomach pains, spasms or cramps and some problems such as diarrhea, colitis and diverticulitis.
  • Turmeric: provides beneficial anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and digestive properties; while generating a hepatoprotective effect.
  • Dandelion: increases the natural production of bile, generating an improvement in the digestive process, provides a diuretic action causing its depurative effect, relieving mild stomach disorders, such as fullness, flatulence and slow digestion.
  • Gentian: treats and repairs stomach problems, improves digestion, opens appetite and reduces problems of flatulence, its amarogentine content increases salivation and segregation of bile and gastric juices.
  • Fennel: provides anethanol essential oil, providing an improvement in the reactivation of digestion, reduces spasms and abdominal pains, while preventing the appearance of intestinal gas.
  • Bitter chamomile: it has an essential oil and flavonoids that reduces discomfort related to digestive problems, generates an antispasmodic effect, reduces abdominal pain such as spasms or cramps.

Who is Gallexier 250 ml for?

Gallexier 250 ml it has a formulation aimed at those people who usually have problems in the digestive process and who need to improve the detoxifying function of the liver, managing to reinforce the normal function of the stomach and the hepatobiliary system.

It has a mixture that promotes stimulation and improves the entire digestion process, collaborating with the regulation of appetite and prevents indigestion thanks to its content of ingredients of natural origin.

Composition of Gallexier 250 ml

Aqueous extract (75%): artichoke leaves, dandelion, gentian root, turmeric root, aquileia, ginger, fennel, chamomile, bitter orange rind, holy thistle, cardamom, swamp clover. Fructose syrup. 

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