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Future it is a brand designed to care for joints, since they have a tendency to suffer injuries since the muscles and ligaments that maintain them are not strong, so it is recommended to use them during physical activities.

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The use of these products is suggested for the prevention of deterioration or injuries to elbows, shoulders, wrists, ankles, among others, since it provides effective support to the joints and can generate an optimal help in the reduction of pain.

This brand provides orthopedic solutions that collaborate with the performance of various activities, such as work, walking, during exercises and all those actions in which there is a limitation.

What is FUTURE?

FUTURO is a brand that belongs to 3M, which is dedicated to the research and development of orthopedic solutions collaborate in order to help in life, work and in the performance of exercises without suffering from limitations.

This brand has a wide range of products and supports for joints, which have been developed to provide grip and comfort, while providing the grip required for the treatment of joint conditions.

The products and supports are designed by experts, medical professionals and engineers, using the highest quality standards and using the best materials, directing efforts to provide support to the foot, ankle, elbow, hand, wrist.

At the same time they have products for knee, neck, back, arm and abdomen, since this company has more than 70 years of experience, providing the best products to prevent and reduce joint pain.

What are Future products for?

Pain may be experienced as a result of a punctual injury or a chronic ailment, while this discomfort may increase over time, being advisable to seek a means to help reduce pain and provide relief.

This is where the products of the Future appear, since they have been specifically designed to reduce all those ailments that are originated as a result of injuries, while they can be used to prevent sports injuries.

These injuries can be transformed into pain that causes a problem and can be easily prevented, since these products have essential functionality in the body, especially in the most problematic joints.

Each of these products has been designed with the purpose of causing the patient to use an article that provides relief to the discomfort that is generated in the joints or in the area of the body with problems.

This originates as a result of providing improved support, comfort and support that deploy on these areas.

What image do you want to show Future?

This brand of 3M, has directed its efforts to allocate science to improve people's lives, adapting the image of its products in Spain and Portugal, so it has been designed by the pharmacy area including the latest generation in therapeutic technology.

Each product is aimed at facilitating every day those people who suffer from small musculoskeletal pathologies, including acute and those related to sport, so they have divided the products of this brand into two:

  • Classic Line: includes products aimed at the improvement of acute pathologies.

  • The Sport line: it is suggested for all those people who have injuries that have originated as a result of the regular practice of sports activities.

This brand has a wide catalog of products that provide orthopedic supports, including wristbands, elbow pads, to lumbar supports, becoming an aid, reducing discomfort and reforming various types of injuries,

Each of its products has been aimed at preventing interruptions in the lifestyle, collaborating with an improvement in the lives of a large number of people helping them in their different actions and facets.

How long should FUTURE support be used for?

According to the taste of the person or according to the recommendation of the health professional, the support should be carried while performing any activity or for which it was recommended and after one or two hours after completion provided that it does not cause discomfort to have it for longer.

But, it is not suggested to put the support on while sleeping unless your doctor has recommended its use, such as the use of the night brace or night support for plantar fasciitis of this brand.

Can these products be cleaned?

Each of these supports can be cleaned, being recommended that if it includes hooks, clips or metal splints are removed, while all straps and fasteners must be closed before washing them by hand with mild soap dissolved in warm water, it should not be hot.

To finish it should be rinsed well and let air dry, it is not advisable to wash or dry it using the machine, nor should it be dry cleaned, use bleach or softeners.

Each presentation has general cleaning instructions which may appear on the product packaging, showing the specific care instructions for each product.

What products does Futuro offer?

This has a great diversity of products aimed only to support and avoid ailments of specific areas of the body that may generate impossibility of maintaining a normal life in the performance of a variety of activities to be performed.

There are areas of the body that tend to fracture with greater ease after performing certain sports activities or as a result of occasional poor movement, these areas are the abdomen, neck, knees, wrists, elbows and ankles.

When this happens you must have a quality product that provides security and helps to execute movements easily to continue with daily activities or in the practice of the usual sport confidence providing care to the damaged joint.

So this brand has knee pads, among which are the reinforced one that provides stability and cushioning to the area, using an innovative custom adjustment system as a result of the adaptable straps.

In addition, they have wristbands which are adjustable and favor the performance of daily activities, since it includes an elastic band that favors its adjustment according to the need or indication of the health professional.

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