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Funsol it is a brand dedicated to the manufacture of products that effectively fight against the bad smell of the feet and cause beneficial effects on the sweating of the same thanks to the use of specially selected ingredients.

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  • Funsol Polvo 60g + Spray 150ml Funsol Polvo 60g + Spray 150ml
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    Funsol Powder 60g + Spray 150ml

    Funsol Powder 60g + Spray 150ml

    14,95 € -26.7525% 10,95 €
  • Funsol Powder 60 grams Funsol Powder 60 grams
    Out of stock
    Funsol Powder 60 grams

    Reduces excess sweat Reduces the bad smell of the feet. Improves perspiration. Keeps your feet cool. It causes a clean smell. Presentation of 60 grams

    6,95 € -9.2334% 6,30 €
  • Funsol Polvo Duplo 2 x 60g Funsol Polvo Duplo 2 x 60g
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    Funsol Dust Duplo 2 x 60g

    Funsol Dust Duplo 2 x 60g

    9,50 €
  • Funsol Spray 150 ml Funsol Spray 150 ml
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    Funsol Spray 150 ml

    Spray presentation. Balances excess sweat. Fight bad odor. It does not hinder normal perspiration. Collaborates with the conservation of fresh feet. Its results last all day.

    7,20 €
  • CanesCare Pro tect Spray 150ml
    Out of stock
    CanesCare Pro tect Spray 150ml

    Antiperspirant and Refreshing Foot Deodorant. Prevents sweat. Eliminates the Bad Smell. Feet Dry and Cool for 48h.  It acts against Excessive Sweating. Antibacterial and Antifungal Action. Fights Bad Odor caused by Bacteria. Suitable for adults and adolescents from 12 years old.

    9,95 € -31.6563% 6,80 €

This brand has been designed by Bayer laboratories, since they have more than 150 years of experience in the creation of medical treatments and have given life to this brand that has products designed in different formats, such as spray, cream and powder.

In our parapharmacy this brand has Offer that will allow you to acquire their products to provide superior foot care, resulting in an improvement in the regeneration and repair of feet with dryness or that are rough and cracked.

 Why Buy Funsol in Pharmacy Market

This wonderful brand has a wide variety of products aimed at generating excellent results in the elimination of bad odor from the feet, providing a beneficial deodorant effect that decreases excessive sweating.

In Farmacia Market you will be able to get these products at a wonderful Price so you can take care of the health of your feet, while providing an improvement in the feeling of freshness and hydration, collaborating with the prevention of the development of fungi.

Each of its products has been formulated with the purpose of providing superior care to the skin of the feet, resulting in better results if combined with daily grooming so that the bad smell does not arise in that area of the body or is lodged in the shoes.

With its regular use, the results generated by the use of closed footwear for numerous hours or by performing a bad drying after getting out of the shower are effectively fought against, preventing imperfections and excessive sweating problems from originating.

Consider the best prices on offer from Funsol in Pharmacy Market

When buying Funsol products, formulations are acquired that improve the care of this area of the body, since they have compositions that cause deodorant effects on the feet, managing to minimize excess sweat and the appearance of bad odor.

It has presentations that collaborate with the improvement of the hydration balance of the feet, always seeking to reduce bad odor, the appearance of pain and providing an increase in their freshness.

Benefits of products Funsol

The products produced by the brand Funsol they have been aimed at the prevention and reduction of the elements that cause bad odor in the feet, effectively collaborating with the reduction of imperfections that usually arise in this area of the body.

With its regular use, there is a reduction in infections caused by the development of fungi, while it has specially selected ingredients to provide effective care for the use of footwear made with synthetic materials.

Among its multiple benefits is the decrease of excessive sweating in the area of the feet avoiding that they emanate bad odor, since they originate deodorant effects that fights against this problem and some of its causes.

In addition, this brand has products that favor the prevention and reduction of podobromhidrosis, causing quite satisfactory results with its frequent use, while generating positive opinions about its benefits.

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