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Funsol Powder 60 grams


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  • Reduces excess sweat
  • Reduces the bad smell of the feet.
  • Improves perspiration.
  • Keeps your feet cool.
  • It causes a clean smell.
  • Presentation of 60 grams

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What is Funsol Powder 60 grams?

Funsol Powder 60 grams it is a product formulated to generate a deodorizing effect on the feet, while it has a beneficial powder presentation that helps to reduce excessive sweating and prevents the appearance of bad odor.

Its mixture of components causes a decrease in the smell that is generated as a result of the accumulation of sweats in the area of the feet, causing an improvement in perspiration and in the recovery of comfort.

In our parapharmacy this treatment has Offer that will allow you to enjoy its wonderful formula that made with a mixture of zinc oxide, boric acid and aerosil, which have been selected for their excellent results in the care of the skin of the feet.

Why Buy Funsol Powder 60 grams in Pharmacy Market?

With its use, an improvement in the absorption of moisture of the feet is generated, while  it favors its disinfection and prevents the development of microorganisms that cause bad odor and minimize caking.

With its use, an effective aid is generated in those cases in which the foot has a superior sweating, at the same time that it collaborates in those moments when a closed footwear is used and with little perspiration, during the use of changing rooms, swimming pools and common showers, among others.

It has an excellent Price which will allow you to reduce the emission of excess sweat, resulting in the prevention of the appearance of a humid environment that causes the emanation of bad odor on the feet.

It can be used in any kind of footwear especially if you have a strong sweating on a regular basis, being able to be used at any time of the year, in general in those periods when perspiration is higher.

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When buying this powder for the feet, it collaborates with the conservation of a drier exterior and care for the appearance of sweat and bad odor, being advisable to apply it after the daily shower to generate superior care, since it includes in its formulation:

  • Zinc oxide: generates an absorbent effect that reduces a large amount of moisture in the skin, keeping the feet dry and takes care of them from bad odor.
  • Boric acid: provides disinfectant actions creating an unfavorable environment for the multiplication of microorganisms that generate the bad smell.
  • Aerosil: makes it easier to attach the formula to the skin and prevents caking.

Benefits of Funsol Powder 60 grams

Funsol Powder 60 grams it should be used on clean and dry feet so that it generates its excellent results, all the days after the bath or shower, to prevent bad odor and excess sweat.

Composition of Funsol Powder 60 grams

Talc. Zinc Oxide. Zea Mays Starch. Boric Acid. Silica. Perfume. Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone. Citronellol. Coumarin. Eugenol. Geraniol. Hexyl Cinnamal. Linalool.

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