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Fungus toenails feet

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  • Funsol Powder 60 grams Funsol Powder 60 grams
    Funsol Powder 60 grams

    Reduces excess sweat Reduces the bad smell of the feet. Improves perspiration. Keeps your feet cool. It causes a clean smell. Presentation of 60 grams

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  • Dr Scholl Anti-Stick treatment Dr Scholl Anti-Stick treatment
    Out of stock
    Dr Scholl Anti-Stick treatment

    The Treatment nail Anti-fungal Dr. Scholl removes 99.9% of nail fungus and prevent the reoccurrence of the infection. It includes 5 files that allow you to remove the surface layer of the nail.The advanced formula penetrates the part the deep of the nail and removes the infection from the source.

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  • Nailner Brush Antifungal 5 ml Nailner Brush Antifungal 5 ml
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    Nailner Brush Antifungal 5 ml

    Nailner Brush Antifungal 5 ml an effective treatment with guaranteed results in 7 days with effect for the elimination of fungi and effect Polish for the nail. Comes Polishes and Conditions the nail to end up with mushrooms as it penetrates effectively through the prompia nail running efficiently and easily with mushrooms.

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  • Nailner Pen Antifungal 4 ml Nailner Pen Antifungal 4 ml
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    Nailner Pen Antifungal 4 ml

    Nailner Pen Antifungal 4 ml, easy to use, and as its only had to paint the nail of foema easiest way to begin to get results. In just 7 days results secured.. Effect Polish insured. treatment and beauty in one at a bargain price to buy in offer price.

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  • Excilor Nail Fungus Nail
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    Excilor Nail Fungus Nail

    Excilor Nail Fungus Nail treatment effective penetration immediate where you will notice the results from the first day. Only with apply is effective to show off some perfect nails, it is a varnish that tardaras just 1 minute to apply and you will be able to wear both in summer and winter nails splendid. Find it at the best price online.

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The Fungus Toenails Feet it is a fairly frequent disease and begins with the appearance of a white or yellow spot on the underside of the tip of a finger nail, either on the hand or on the foot.

As the infection created by the fungus becomes deeper, discoloration can be generated and the nail becomes thicker, while the edge of it begins to deteriorate, several nails can be affected at the same time.

In our parapharmacy there are products specially designed for the treatment of this disease, so you will find various Offer online all the medicines you need to fight this uncomfortable problem.

Why buy products for toenail fungus feet in Pharmacy Market?

The fungi that usually appear on the nails are known as onychomycosis and it is known that this problem is suffered when the nails begin to look thicker, while other changes begin to be noticed, such as, for example:

  • They change color from white to brownish-yellow.
  • They are fragile, flaky or irregular.
  • Its shape begins to look abnormal.
  • They retain a dark color that originates from the deposit of debris under the nail.
  • They have a slightly unpleasant odor.

These nail fungi can deteriorate the fingernails, but they are most often found on the feet.

What are the causes of Toenail Fungus Feet?

This type of fungal nail infections originates as a result of multiple fungal organisms, also known as fungi and that develops more frequently is the one known as dermatophyte.

This type of problem can appear at any age, being more frequent in older adults, since over the years the nail is aging and becoming more fragile and tends to dehydrate, appearing cracks that favor the entry of fungi in them.

Other causes may result in lower blood circulation to the feet and a weak immune system. However, toenail fungus infection may start as a result of athlete's foot.

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These types of infections caused by fungi in are difficult to treat, so it is advisable to consult with your doctor so that he indicates which are the products you should Buy Fungus Toenails Feet and the self-care measures that you need to follow.

The treatment prescribed will depend on the threat of the condition and the type of fungus that causes it, requiring a few weeks to pass so that the results can be observed and it should be borne in mind that these infections can return.

There are people who usually perform initial treatments before attending the doctor, using over-the-counter antifungal nail creams and ointments, which you can get in our parapharmacy at an excellent price Price.

When the white marks begin to appear on the outside of the nails, it is advisable to file them, soak them in water, dry them very well and apply a prescription cream or lotion to them.

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