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Fungal nail feet

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  • Dr Scholl Anti-Stick treatment Dr Scholl Anti-Stick treatment
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    Dr Scholl Anti-Stick treatment

    The Treatment nail Anti-fungal Dr. Scholl removes 99.9% of nail fungus and prevent the reoccurrence of the infection. It includes 5 files that allow you to remove the surface layer of the nail.The advanced formula penetrates the part the deep of the nail and removes the infection from the source.

    19,95 € -16.786% 16,60 €
  • Funsol Powder 60 grams
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    Funsol Powder 60 grams

    Funsol® Powder is a deodorant powder that removes excess sweat and bad smell of the feet without restricting breathability normal helping to keep your feet fresh, dry and smelling clean.

    6,95 € -9.2334% 6,30 €
  • Nailner Brush Antifungal 5 ml Nailner Brush Antifungal 5 ml
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    Nailner Brush Antifungal 5 ml

    Nailner Brush Antifungal 5 ml an effective treatment with guaranteed results in 7 days with effect for the elimination of fungi and effect Polish for the nail. Comes Polishes and Conditions the nail to end up with mushrooms as it penetrates effectively through the prompia nail running efficiently and easily with mushrooms.

    19,95 € -15.0394% 16,95 €
  • Nailner Pen Antifungal 4 ml Nailner Pen Antifungal 4 ml
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    Nailner Pen Antifungal 4 ml

    Nailner Pen Antifungal 4 ml, easy to use, and as its only had to paint the nail of foema easiest way to begin to get results. In just 7 days results secured.. Effect Polish insured. treatment and beauty in one at a bargain price to buy in offer price.

    19,95 € -15.0394% 16,95 €
  • Excilor Nail Fungus Nail
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    Excilor Nail Fungus Nail

    Excilor Nail Fungus Nail treatment effective penetration immediate where you will notice the results from the first day. Only with apply is effective to show off some perfect nails, it is a varnish that tardaras just 1 minute to apply and you will be able to wear both in summer and winter nails splendid. Find it at the best price online.

    15,00 € -21.6935% 11,75 €

The nail fungus of the feet are a common problem. It is an infection caused usually by a fungus of a group called dermatophytes, as well as another group called yeasts.

Usually, the nail fungus of the feet cause pain, discomfort, discomfort, and if not treated in time, can cause the destruction of the nail.

Its occurrence is more frequent in the feet than in the hands, mainly due to that they are easier to acquire in wet environments such as showers, bathrooms, locker rooms, public pools, among others.

The best deals for nail fungus

Pharmacy Market has created a line of body care, which has included an area of fungus on the nails of the feet, and in this way, able to guarantee to our clients, the care of this problem of the hand of the best pharmaceutical products available in the market.

We maintain the best deals on the market. In particular for the area of the care and maintenance of nails, where we have chosen the best products to offer you at affordable prices and competitive, with just a click. Remember that for each purchase, you will receive a coupon that can be redeemed for other products available in our site.

In the Pharmacy Market, we think that you can access from your home to the best brands worldwide. Therefore, in our catalog you will find names such as Nailner Wortie, Funsol®, Dr. Scholl who have been leaders in the care and nail care in a general way, and in the production of solutions for the fungi, and other conditions that affect them in a particular way.

Some of our brands

Dr Scholl is a company dedicated to the production of footwear and products to the feet, with over 100 years of experience and presence in more than 70 countries in the world, founded in Chicago in 1899 by William Mathias Scholl.

The original company was expanded to a global level for the design and patent of more than 1000 products for foot care, and became a member of the Fortune 500 list in 1971.

Today, the company remains faithful to the passion and original philosophy of its founder: to improve the health, comfort and well-being of people through his feet, the hand of Bayer for the Latin America market and to the North, and by Aurelius AG in its markets remaining in the whole world

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