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Food supplements , also called dietary or nutritional supplements, or supplements.

Dietary supplements are consumed orally. Contains a food ingredient intended to supplement the diet. Some examples of dietary supplements are vitamins, minerals, herbs* (a single herb or a mixture of several), other plant products, amino acids and food components such as enzymes and glandular extracts.

Ways of dealing with

Dietary supplements like tablets, capsules, soft capsules of gelatin, gelatin capsules, liquids and powders. Not presented as a substitute for a conventional food or as a single component of a meal or of the diet. Are identified as dietary supplements on the label.

That Are

Generally used as a complement, that can be repeated or not. The most consumed are the capsules and tablets. There is No confusing them with the drugs. Although both can be found in pharmacies, do not have the same goals. The drugs give an order to the agency, bringing a molecule chemistry to treat a pathology. The supplements help to complete the normal diet of the people who wish to promote their health and well-being.

Different Uses

  • Rebalancing the agency proposing the essential ingredients traditionally known and used in nutritional dose, which explains its good tolerance.
  • You can help to activate thermogenesis, that is to say, to promote the stimulation of the body to help you eat more energy. It is the case of caffeine, which can be achieved alone or by using plants such as guarana or the mate. The objective is to promote the degradation of the triglycerides, the storage form of fat in the body. This mode of action is useful to help the weight loss.
  • You can promote an action drainage to help eliminate waste and toxins from the metabolism through the stimulation of the kidneys by using plants such as the blackcurrant and the green tea. This type of action is complementary to the previous one.
  • Helps to reduce the appetite thanks to a few ingredients that swell upon contact with water, as the fiber. Favoring the secretion of serotonin, some ingredients can also help to control the pecking and promote the decrease of appetite. In fact, serotonin is a neuromediador (molecule that ensures the transmission of a message from one neuron to another in the brain), which mainly acts on appetite, satiety, mood, and stress.
  • Promotes the uptake of the fat of the food and helps prevent absorption thanks to the fiber, or to chitosan, for example.
  • To provide energy, a supplement may promote the functioning of our metabolism energy favoring the action of the mitochondria, which generate energy for the cell. Vitamins play an important role in this field.
  • To help feed and maintain cellular structures, a supplement can provide nutrients favorable. For example, a contribution of specific amino acids (cysteine, methionine) help beautify the hair helping to synthesize its main component: the keratin. Similarly, the use of antioxidants, encouraging the fight against free radicals in excess, and helps to maintain the cells. This action helps to limit the effects of the aging of our cells, tissues, organs.
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