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Fluorkin Mint Mouthwash 2x500ml


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Fluorkin Mint Mouthwash 2x500ml it is a mouthwash that manages to penetrate the oral cavity, thus providing a great hygiene in the places where the brush or toothpaste reach.

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Fluorkin Mouthwash it exerts a great anti-caries and anti-plaque action, achieving in turn complement the result created by the toothpaste, providing a broader effect of the same and originating a fresh breath for longer.

Fluorkin Mouthwash 2x500ml it is designed with the purpose of eliminating the production of caries, while protecting the gums and is respectful of the oral cavity, since it does not deteriorate the enamel and provides a great mint flavor that offers a fresh and soft breath.

Benefits of Fluorkin Mouthwash Mint 2x500ml

Fluorkin Mint Mouthwash 2x500ml it is perfect to be included in the daily routine of oral cleaning, since it manages to access all the spaces of the oral cavity where the brush can not reach.

Fluorkin Mint Mouthwash it effectively helps to reduce the chances of cavities and dental plaque appearing, with a result that lasts in the mouth for longer, since being used after toothpaste manages to enhance its results.

Performance of Fluorkin Mouthwash Mint 2x500ml

Fluorkin Mint Mouthwash 2x500ml in its formulation it includes an amount of fluoride that is perfect to prevent the bacteria that result in cavities from being generated and multiplied, efficiently protecting teeth and gums, in addition to generating:

  • Stronger teeth: thanks to its content of sodium fluoride that helps to harden tooth enamel.
  • Efficacy in the Anticavies effect: the concentration in the dose of sodium fluoride generates a great protection against the aggressions of the acids that usually occur in the dental plaque.
  • Ample freshness in the mouth: this sensation is pleasant and intense, managing to offer a delicious fresh mint flavor that is ideal to be used by the whole family.

Indications of Fluorkin Mouthwash Mint 2x500ml

Fluorkin Mint Mouthwash 2x500ml it is designed to be used to prevent tooth decay, being ideal for those who have caries process already present, as it helps remineralize tooth enamel.

Fluorkin Mint Mouthwash it can be used by people who are likely to suffer from caries such as those with appliances, orthodontics and those who use salivary flow depressant treatments.

Fluorkin Mint Mouthwash it can also be used by partial denture holders, in patients with sensitive tooth necks, among others.

How to Use the Fluorkin Mouthwash Mint 2x500ml

Fluorkin Mint Mouthwash 2x500ml it can be used in adults and children over the age of 5 years, used once a day preferably a few minutes before bedtime.

Fluorkin Mint Mouthwash it should not be diluted, using an average amount of 15 ml of mouthwash every day, ensuring that it passes through the entire oral cavity, penetrating all the teeth.

It is recommended that after the use of Fluorkin Mouthwash do not eat or drink until about half an hour passes.