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Fluor Lacer Daily Strawberry Mouthwash 500 ml


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Fluor Lacer Daily Strawberry Mouthwash 500 ml it is a mouthwash that can be used every day, specially made to be used by children thanks to its fabulous strawberry flavor, which helps complete daily oral hygiene and eliminating bacterial plaque.

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Its formulation is made to be used in children over 5 years old, in order to help prevent the appearance of caries, as a result of its fluoride and xylitol content.

This daily mouthwash it includes in its formulation Xylitol, which is a natural polyalcohol with properties that prevent caries and that helps to generate the remineralization of the teeth.

Fluor Lacer Diario Fresa Colutorio 500 ml

Benefits Of Fluor Lacer Daily Strawberry Mouthwash 500 ml

Fluor Lacer Daily Strawberry Mouthwash 500 ml it is made in order to avoid negative variations in the area of the mouth from early childhood, with its prolonged use collaborates in the maintenance of tooth enamel in good condition, fortifying its structure.

Be mouthwash for daily use collaborates in the decrease of the prevalence of caries with its continued use, providing fluoride in an ionic way to the enamel of the teeth.

The inclusion of this fluorine to hydroxyapatite, provides more strength to the outer covers of the tooth, reducing weakness to the aggressors that cause dental caries. In addition, it includes xylitol which is a sweetener that does not generate cavities.

This mouthwash optimally helps to complement the action of daily tooth washing by increasing the resistance of the enamel and remineralizes the lesions in their initial state.

While it contains the development of bacteria in dental plaque and delays the development and growth of bacterial plaque.

Operation Of Fluor Lacer Daily Strawberry Mouthwash 500 ml

Fluor Lacer Daily Strawberry Mouthwash 500 ml it is a product that has a very important role in reducing caries in children after its constant use, thanks to the ingredients of its formulation.

The fluorine it develops the strength of the enamel, remineralizing incipient lesions, preventing the increase and evolution of bacteria in dental plaque, while delaying the production and increase of plaque.

Additionally, it includes xylitol that prevents the production of acid that retains a high pH in the oral cavity, thanks to that it is a natural polyalcohol that prevents the appearance of caries and that benefits remineralization thanks to:

  • Reduces acid generation in plaque.
  • Reduces the quantity and adhesiveness of the plate.
  • It retains very high pH, both in saliva and plaque, preventing dangerous degrees of acidity.
  • Helps remineralize incipient lesions.

How to UseFluor Lacer Daily Strawberry Mouthwash 500 ml

Make a rinse with 10ml of Fluor Lacer Daily Strawberry Mouthwash 500 ml for 1 to 2 minutes, helping the liquid to be dosed throughout the area of the mouth.

  • Mouthwash should not be swallowed, eaten or drunk within 15 minutes.
  • Repeating this operation once a day every day.