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Fluocaril Whitening Paste Duplo 150 ml


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  • Paste with a whitening effect.
  • Eradicates caries.
  • Strengthens the enamel.
  • Bi-fluorinated formula.
  • Protects the gums.
  • Mint flavor.

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Fluocaril Whitening Paste Duplo 150 ml it is a duo specially formulated in order to exert a whitening action with a prolonging effect, improving the fight against the darkening of the teeth caused by the accumulation of impurities.

With its use, the impurities that are stored in the tooth enamel that cause darkening are combated, such as tartar, bacterial plaque, among others; as well as the consumption of different foods, drinks, tobacco, among others.

Why buy Fluocaril Whitening Paste Duplo 150 ml in Pharmacy Market?

It is a duo that includes a very high concentration of fluoride in order to improve the fight against dental caries, since its active ingredients provide a double action in the prevention of caries.

It causes an immediate action managing to fix the fluoride immediately and directly, while protecting the enamel from plaque; at the same time it favors that its results last for longer even time after brushing, exerting anti-tartar action on the enamel.

It includes in its formulation an excellent amount of fluoride that helps to strengthen tooth enamel, eliminate the appearance of tooth decay, protect teeth for longer, exerts a broad whitening effect and provides a great feeling of freshness in the mouth

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Fluocaril Whitening Paste Duplo 150 ml it is a toothpaste that improves the recovery of the natural whiteness of the teeth, as it exerts its wonderful results for longer.

  • Its specific formula helps to enhance the shine and whiteness of tooth enamel.
  • It provides a smooth polishing of the enamel while creating a protective layer that prevents the appearance of future stains.
  • It has the appropriate content of sodium fluoride that prevents tooth decay.
  • Eradicates the appearance of caries.
  • It offers a great protection in the stability of the gums.
  • Its presentation is made in a duplex that includes two 75ml containers.
  • It includes in its formulation active fluorine.

Indications of Fluocaril Whitening Paste Duplo 150 ml

It is specially formulated as a toothpaste that causes whitening effects, while helping to enhance the brightness and natural whiteness that the enamel should possess.

Its use is recommended for those people who want to polish their teeth gently, while it eliminates stains and generates a protective shield in the area that improves the prevention of the formation of new stains on the enamel.

How to Use Fluocaril Duplo Toothpaste 250 ml

Fluocaril Duplo Toothpaste 250 ml it should be used to generate a great oral cleaning, using this toothpaste at least three times a day or after consuming the three main meals.

It is advisable to carry out one of the daily brushing before going to sleep in order to avoid the multiplication of bacteria during the night, managing to eradicate the food residues that adhere and the bacteria that remain between the teeth.

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