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Fluocaril Duplo Toothpaste 250 ml


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  • It includes fluoride.
  • Causes actions against caries.
  • It exerts a double action.
  • Effects on enamel.
  • Prolonged performance.
  • Resists acid attacks.

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Fluocaril Duplo Toothpaste 250 ml it includes in its formulation a wide concentration of fluoride that aims to originate an effective action that prevents and treats dental caries, since it originates a double Anticaries action with various benefits.

Its formulation favors an immediate action causing the fluoride to adhere fairly quickly on the enamel preventing dental plaque from appearing, while its persistent action helps the fluoride to generate an action that lasts after brushing.

With its constant use, the enamel structure is durably strengthened and resists the attacks of cariogenic acids much better.

Why buy Fluocaril Duplo Toothpaste 250 ml in Pharmacy Market?

It is a duo of toothpaste that includes a wide concentration of fluoride in order to originate a fairly effective action against dental caries, providing as a result a double action that originates multiple benefits, such as:

Immediate action: it causes the fixation of fluorine in a fairly fast and direct way, causing excellent benefits in the enamel preventing plaque from forming.

Persistent action: it generates its excellent results after having carried out the brushing, providing an optimal anti-tartar action on the enamel.

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Fluocaril Duplo Toothpaste 250 ml it is specially formulated to improve oral health and protect teeth against the appearance of caries as a result of its wide concentration of fluoride.

  • The structure of the enamel is reinforced in a durable way and is resistant to the attacks that caries exert.
  • The multiplication of the bacteria that form the plaque is strongly slowed down.
  • It contains an anti-tartar action that improves the fixation of fluoride above the enamel and that eradicates the likelihood of inflammation of the gums.
  • It contains a delicious mint flavor.

Indications of Fluocaril Duplo Toothpaste 250 ml

This duo is especially indicated to favor the contribution of maximum care for the teeth and gums.

It is not recommended for use in children under 10 years of age, since the intake of fluoride in large quantities is possible, exceeding 3 mg / day because of the continuous brushing causing possible problems of fluorosis.

It should be used to perform greater oral hygiene every day, in order to originate its excellent benefits and deep hygiene in the area of the teeth.

How to Use Fluocaril Duplo Toothpaste 250 ml

It is recommended to use Fluocaril Duplo Toothpaste 250 ml at least three times a day or after the consumption of each main meal and necessarily before bedtime to avoid the proliferation of bacteria at the time of sleep.

It is recommended to use this paste with a neat brush by making dragging movements that go from top to bottom, managing to eradicate all food residues that come to adhere and in the same way the bacteria that remain between the teeth.

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