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Flower Therapy

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The flower therapy is a form of “transfer” the qualities balanced inherent of a flower or group of flowers in the energy field of a person, with the purpose of triggering a positive effect on the healing at any level.

It is believed that this therapy helps to generate the evolution and elevation of the consciousness of the being, therefore, is focused on the causes of the disease, as well as to neutralize the imbalance harmonizing the excitement with the schedules mental

The floral therapy is recognized due to its effectiveness as part of a complement to conventional medical therapy, is in search of the regulation that achieves certify the quality of service in the health centers.

It is known that the Therapies Bach flower are known and used all over the world with the purpose of using the essence hoping to achieve emotional balance individual needs with the reduction of fear, anxiety or anger.

Benefits of Flower essence Therapy

The Floral therapy accompanies and balances the different human emotions by offering the reprogramming of the various mental schemes, and that his administration is directed to decrease the causes of the complaints, illnesses, or imbalances.

The flower therapy Bach generates peace, while providing the awakening of the awareness, providing access to the states that are higher, causing the spiritual awakening harmonic while highlighting the natural gifts and talents.

Its use is indicated for different types of discomfort with this being a perfect tool for the internal growth and its time for conscious evolution, since the more the content is achieved by the internal discovery.

Even though it is not indicated for the physical discomfort, has been viewed in different pathologies, the use of Floral therapy has led to the healing, because the elixirs that are used favor the treatment of non-physical causes and its discontents.

In the cases of people who have medication and medical treatments alternative, you can use the Therapy Floral because it provides a benefit in the treatment without interfering with this, so it should not be to replace the intake of medicines.

Now it has come to the conclusion that the flowers they help to highlight the most outstanding aspects of the personalities, favouring different aspects which are hidden or very deep in the be.

Some people with exceptional cases may not recognize the descriptive profiles of the treatments floral that you need, therefore it has been confirmed that these favor the overall balance of the life.

It is not of importance if the patient is receiving treatment with remedies floral believes in its result, because its consequences will be perceived in a full and independent of the beliefs of the person.

Function of the Floral therapy

The Floral Therapy consists of different elixirs that are mixed creating remedies that manage to balance the emotions, mental processes, and help in the improvement of the symptoms and physical ailments.

Named “Flower remedies” are mixtures of elixirs of flowers prepared in water, which at the time of initial contact with the body have a performance as a neurochemical that contributes to the hypothalamus, the information that it needs.

With this information manages to recreate the order of the generation of chemicals balanced for the body. While in the energy field accelerates and changes the speed of vibration of the subtle bodies.

Because this gives as a result the expansion of consciousness that leads to the incorporation of the benefits originate from the flowers.

These elixirs can interfere always with the state of consciousness of the person who receives it, for this reason, it is significant to provide the profile information that describes the different essences in relation to the patient.

The flower remedies are administered in doses into account drops by mouth, that have an action by frequency and quantity. Have No interference with any medications or replaced.

Each elixir floral has your profile, the following brief descriptions of mental patterns, emotional, and physical symptoms associated with it. Similarly contain a trend or pattern that must be balanced, removed, or rescheduled.

Flower Therapy Evolutionary

The Floral Therapy Evolutionary is an innovative model that is integrated by an ancestral knowledge, starting from the slang symbolic-floral and archetypal, which gives professionals a transcendent vision to include it in life from a point symbolic.

In conclusion, it provides an overview of therapeutic current more comprehensive that integrates the knowledge of mankind, making the maintenance of the health of symbolically in terms of the development of consciousness.

Your use exerts a lesson of life perfect for prolonging the evolution, so that each elixir provides that positive thoughts can be cultivated, in addition to offer stock usually on an emotional level, providing peace to the people who use this therapy.

Result of the Use of Flower essence Therapy

Flower Therapy provides a very soft, being for some almost imperceptible, but completely effective. Noticing primarily the peace, while achieving that life goes by in a way more calm, smooth, serene and quiet.

Adversity, problems, or what we call the commonly conflicts, you may remain there, but will not be assumed or viewed in such a way, perceiving the changes specifically when you pay attention to the way people feel and react.

The changes are noticeable on the part of the people that surround us more than for ourselves, but for the other part of the people, the improvement is very noticeable due to the physical symptoms are favored or avoided.

Time of Effect of the Floral Therapy

The time it takes to make the effect of Flower Therapy Bach lies in the type of people, this means, that in some patients the effect is immediate, as in other times it can take up to a week or more.

The weather is going to be relative, it can change according to the personality or the chemistry of the individual, but likewise all those who instigate end up realizing that the change has occurred.