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Flores De Bach

Bach flowers are a series of remedies natural, for a total of 38, which are made from flowers and plants, which are obtained from homeopathic way, and each one is indicated for the treatment of an emotional disorder is different.

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Favors the harmonization of the negative states, as the Bach Flowers profess to reset the emotional balance lost, leading to beneficial results for the psychological health and for the stimulation of the body's ability to heal itself.

Origin of the Bach flowers

The Bach Flower remedies is a therapy that was discovered by the researcher, physician and homeopath Dr. Edward Bach in the years 1926 and 1934; who was inspired by the studies of homeopathic Hahnemann.

These studies focus on “treating the individual rather than the disease”, as this was the idea that bodily diseases have an onset because of the imbalances that has personality.

At the end of their research, Dr. Bach had created a therapy that consisted of 38 flower essences, achieving separately run the treatment of a mental disorder is different.

This treatment has as main objective, the subjugation in the removal of the inner conflicts and, consequently, the physical symptoms that people could be present.

The Bach flower therapy

The use of the Bach Flower originates from a treatment based on the natural therapy, generating as a result that does not produce any side effects and is adapted to treat in the same way the adults, children and babies, as well as animals and plants.

Because of the willingness of Dr. Bach anyone can make their own treatment, which is why we established a system of choice of flowers very easy. Although it is recommended to go to a professional therapist if you have a chronic problem.

Benefits of the Bach Flower remedies

This treatment is usually ingested orally, though of the same form can be administered through the skin in order to generate the following benefits:

  • Harmony: the flowers have qualities vigorous life they bring to human beings, animals and plants with proper treatment to eliminate the negative vibrations and left in place the positive.

  • Well-being: it is a system recognized by the O. M. S., as it is a therapeutic system innocuous, which has the purpose of not substitute for, nor counter the conventional methods of cure while full and contributes to the well-being of the person.

  • Balance: these flower essences mejoral the management of conflicts, managing to dispel the fear, stress, insecurity, and guilt, because it favors the harmonization of emotions, generating as a result of the restoration of inner balance.

Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy Or Remedy Rescue is a blend of flower essences which was developed by Dr. Bach to be taken in emergency situations, so it's the most well-known of the system of flowers.

It is the only preparation pre-combined which has an effective outcome to any person, for what your intake does not need a prescription because they do not have side effects.

This treatment is produced on the basis of 5 Bach Flower remedies which are CherryPlum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem; with the aim of providing an instant relief in various of emotional turmoil.

Leads to an excellent result for the rapid treatment of nervous breakdowns, states of shock and deep anguish. In addition, it generates calm in response to the feeling of intolerance and provides immediate relief after having an accident.

The use of this remedy emergency creates a sense of calm before of being included in the situations that they are going to place the person in a state of anxiety or stress, such as speaking in public, make a test or exam, a visit to the dentist, among others.

Features of the Bach Flowers

The Bach Flowers have no contraindication because they are made with natural components that do not generate interaction or counteract other medical treatments; such that its action is suited to people of all ages.

  • Do not generate addiction, only generates a mood positive that favors the realization of the everyday aspects of life, as its effects come to disappear after long-term therapy.

  • Can be used as an alternative treatment, since it works as an additional treatment that can be used in children and babies who have trouble falling asleep, nightmares, night, learning problems, problems of hyperactivity, among others.

  • Treats diseases of emotional origin, as the Bach Flowers are perfect for the resolution of the diseases that have emotional origin, mental or psychosomatic.

Mode of Use of the Bach Flower remedies


This mode is recommended for long-term treatments and is the most common way in which they consume the Bach Flower; it consists of the intake of the drops of the bottle that contains a custom combination of essences diluted with water.

The format of the sale of this product is usually present in a bottle of 20 ml and rescue remedies can be found in a size of 10 ml.

The recommended dose is 4 drops 4 times a day under the tongue and if it is a patient who cannot take medications you must put the drops in the lips or on the forehead.

In the case of a baby can make the application in the area of the wrists or in the water of the bath and in the young children you can put the drops in a drink.

In a glass of water

This shape is recommended for the treatment of negative states temporary, as Taking the recommended dose is 1 to 3 drops of essences chosen using a glass of mineral water.

The glass must be kept covered and it must be consuming sips throughout the day: this method must be prepared daily until you see that the negative mood state has been eradicated.

In the water bath

It should be used only as a complementary treatment of the oral intake of the flower essences using 5 drops of each essence selected in a tub with warm water