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Floradix Kidervital 250 ml


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  • Includes calcium.
  • It contains vitamins.
  • Does not include milk protein, lactose, or gluten.
  • Provides vitamin D.
  • Promotes normal bone growth and development.
  • Made with herbal extracts, 9 vitamins and concentrated fruit juices.

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Floradix Kidervital 250 ml it is a food supplement that includes a delicious flavor, especially aimed at children thanks to its optimal content of calcium and vitamin D that is of great importance for the normal growth and development of bones.

It includes in its composition essential vitamins that intervene in various functions of great importance in the body, such as vitamins C, B6 and B2 that collaborate with the conservation of the immune system.

It includes in its composition varied concentrated juices and selected herbs that provide a fairly pleasant flavor, its intake is recommended in children over 3 years, although it can also be ingested by adults.

Why take Floradix Kidervital 250 ml?

This delicious food supplement is aimed to generate multiple benefits in children as a result of its optimal content of vitamins, among which are calcium and vitamin D that intervene in the normal growth and development of bones.

Its content of essential vitamins favors the normal performance of some functions in the body, such as vitamins C, B₆ and B₂ that help to keep the immune system strengthened.

It is a fairly simple supplement to ingest by children as a result of its delicious flavor; at the same time it collaborates with the care of the harmony between calcium, vitamins A, D, E, C, B₁, B₂, niacin, b₆ and B₁₂.

It is of great importance to mention that these nutrients reach the intestine already diluted in a liquid format, resulting in them being absorbed in a faster way than other dry formulations, such as tablets.

How does Floradix Kidervital 250 ml work?

Floradix Kidervital 250 ml it is a food supplement that has been made with an effective dose of calcium that collaborates with the growth of bones and teeth; while its vitamin D content collaborates with the absorption of this mineral making it easier.

Its formulation includes a concentrate of vitamins that are specifically aimed at strengthening the body while providing quite natural protection, favoring healthy growth and improving the mental and physical performance of the child.

It includes plants that promote the stimulation of appetite and digestion; while providing a pleasant sweet and fruity taste that is tolerated quite easily by children.

Additionally, it includes calcium in liquid form in order to improve its assimilation by the child body.

Who is Floradix Kidervital 250 ml for?

This supplement has been developed specifically for children, in order to improve the natural growth and development of bones, teeth while increasing the energies that allow physical and mental activity.

It prevents the child from suffering from vitamin D deficiencies, feelings of tiredness, learning disabilities of school-age children, prophylaxis of rickets and caries; at the same time it stimulates appetite.

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