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In relation to the type of pain there are endless products on the pharmaceutical market for the treatment of muscle and joint pain, being Physiocrem one of the leading brands in the sector and also one of the favorites of consumers who do not hesitate to advise family and friends once they have tried it on their own body. 

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  • Fisiocrem Cream 250m + 250ml Duplo Promotion
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    Fisiocrem Cream 250m + 250ml Duplo Promotion

    Generates analgesic effect. Causes anti-inflammatory action. It includes natural components. It generates faster results. Promotes muscle and joint rehabilitation. It causes a beneficial cold-heat effect.

    43,75 € -15.4521% 36,99 €
  • Fisiocrem Patch Active 4 Patches + Bag Cold Heat
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    Fisiocrem Patch Active 4 Patches + Bag Cold Heat

    Contains natural and organic products to relieve pain and inflammation Perfect to use before or after exercise to prevent and relieve muscle and joint pain natural contains no artificial ingredients and is free of fragrance and preservatives

    15,00 €
  • Fisiocrem Cannabis 200 ml Large Size
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    Fisiocrem Cannabis 200 ml Large Size

    Fisiocrem Cannabis 200 ml Large Size

    35,95 €
  • Fisiocrem 60 ml Fisiocrem 60 ml
    Fisiocrem Cream 60 ml

    Fisiocrem is an effective massage solution for the preparation and recovery of muscles, ligaments and tendons overloaded by various causes (work activities, physical activity, injuries, etc.).

    9,95 € -27.1568% 7,25 €
  • Fisiocrem Sport Joints Muscles 480g
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    Fisiocrem Sport Joints Muscles 480g

    Take care of the joints and muscles. Promotes muscle recovery. It can be used every day. Presentation of 480g. Reduces muscle fatigue. Improves recovery after intense physical exercise.

    29,05 € -10% 26,15 €
  • Fisiocrem Cream 250 ml Fisiocrem Cream 250 ml
    Fisiocrem Cream 250 ml

    Fisiocrem Cream 250 ml the solution of arnica, hypericum, calendula and melaleuca at the best price online in family packaging,It is a completely natural product and its use can be simultaneous with that of other treatments with natural and / or pharmaceutical products.Fisiocrem can be used by children, the elderly, pregnant and lactating mothers.

    25,75 € -15.3235% 21,80 €
  • Fisiocrem Gel Active 600ml
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    Fisiocrem Gel Active 600ml

    Prepare muscles and ligaments. Prevents injuries after performing any physical exertion. It contains a mixture of Arnica, Calendula, St. John's Wort and Melaleuca. Causes an analgesic effect. Provides anti-inflammatory properties. It collaborates with relaxation.

    39,15 € -12% 34,45 €
  • Fisiocrem Golpix Roll On 15ml Fisiocrem Golpix Roll On 15ml
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    Fisiocrem Golpix Roll On 15ml

    It brings calm and freshness after a blow. Roll-on presentation. Made on the basis of natural extracts. Generates a cooling effect. It comforts quickly. Improves skin well-being.

    8,25 € -10% 7,43 €
  • Fisiocrem Patch Active 4 Patches
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Fisiocrem Patch Active 4 Patches

    Reduces muscle and joint pain. Calms contractures. Results for up to 24 hours. It has superior adhesion. It does not deteriorate the skin. Presentation in patch format.

    13,75 € -10% 12,38 €
  • Fisiocrem Spray Active 150ml
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    Fisiocrem Spray Active Ice 150ml

    It does not stain clothes. It has a pleasant aroma. It is easily applied to difficult areas. It does not get your hands dirty, or your clothes dirty. It contains menthol and camphor. Relieves muscle and joint pain.

    11,95 €
  • Fisiocrem Spray Active 150ml + Free Cold Bag Pack Promotion Fisiocrem Spray Active 150ml + Free Cold Bag Pack Promotion
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Fisiocrem Spray Active 150ml + Free Cold Bag Pack Promotion

    Cream in spray format. Reduces joint and muscle pain. Provides anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. It decreases small ailments. Causes cold effect. Includes a cold bag.

    11,95 € -8.5356% 10,93 €
  • Fisiocrem Cannabis 60 ml
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Fisiocrem Cannabis 60 ml

    Generates hot effect. Provides anti-inflammatory action. Includes vanilla aroma. Reduces muscle pain. Presentation of 60ml. It contains Cannabidiol.

    13,85 €

Why buy Fisiocrem in Pharmacy Market?

Physiocrem it is a brand that specializes in the development of products that collaborate with the treatment of strokes, while promoting flexibility and mobility of joints and muscles throughout the human body.

This brand has a high range of products that have been developed in order to respond and provide solutions that improve the health of muscles and joints, while generating greater well-being for people.

In our online parapharmacy you can find a lot of Offer Physiocrem that will allow you to reduce ailments in the body that are related to the muscles and ligaments, using totally natural formulations.

Get the best prices on offer from Fisiocrem

At Buy Fisiocrem a product that generates confidence is purchased and includes a composition that allows it to be used before any physical activity to prevent injuries, while being sure that a composition that includes natural ingredients is being used.

Its composition adapts easily to our rhythm of life, originating a help in the reduction of muscle discomfort, joint discomfort or minor injuries providing a fairly natural solution.

With its use, massages can be provided that favor the preparation of the muscle and ligaments before performing any physical activity or when you have a busy day to avoid subsequent injuries.

It can be used when we suffer a blow, as well as when bruises arise and muscle pains appear on the body that are usually originated during day-to-day activities.

Each of its products has been designed with the help of physiotherapists, taking into account their knowledge and experiences in the prevention of injuries and in the reduction of muscle and joint pain as a result of the use of quality ingredients

Product Physiocrem it has an excellent Price on offer, which allows you to acquire them simply and economically, managing to easily treat sprains, strains, tendonitis or dislocations, as well as arthropathies, bruises and common sports injuries.

In addition, they are used quite simply since it should only be applied to a specific area in order to relax and avoid the appearance of injuries in it, so you will feel its excellent results from the first application

What are the active ingredients that are included in Fisiocrem products?

These products have been formulated with the purpose of generating wonderful effects on the body, among which are its anti-inflammatory actions due to its content of ingredients of natural origin, among which are:

  • Hypericum Perforatum: it generates a strong analgesic effect, so it can be used as a treatment for peripheral nervous system injuries, the most common being those performed after physical exertion or the practice of physical exercise.

  • Mountain arnica: it has a strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect on the muscular system.

  • Calendula: generates a topical anti-inflammatory effect, collaborating with the reduction of swelling of the area affected by overexertion and causes calm to inflamed tissues.

You can always find it here at the best cheap promotion price. Buy now.