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Finisher is a line of products targeted to the improvement of the health and sports nutrition, and has been developed by the pharmaceutical company Kern Pharma with ingredients of the best quality, processed with the latest technology.

Providing products specially designed for before, during and after physical activity, others are multivitamins that include minerals, products that provide performance and recovery, as well as others that promote joint health.

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This line of products is specially developed for those athletes that require a nutritional supplement that promotes their performance and the people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, regardless of your physical activity or profession.

What are the benefits it provides Finisher Kern?

This line of products has been specifically developed to promote the health and nutrition of the athlete, so that it is directed to those people who follow a healthy lifestyle and for those athletes that require a supplementation is appropriate to their needs.

These products have been created with the purpose of triggering an improvement in the performance journal, favoring the conservation of energy as a result of a series of scientific tests that lead to quality, safety and efficacy.

It is recommended that the intake of these products throughout the year, but especially during the summer when the feeling of tiredness and fatigue appear with greater intensity in the body.

Each of these products have been developed specifically for before, during, or after training, with the aim of improving physical performance, keep the energy levels and maintain the health of the muscle.

Types of products that you sell Finisher

Within the product line Finisher will find large amount of products, with a variety of presentations, as are capsules, energy bars, gels or prepared in powder.

Although, they are specific in 4 main categories, which are energy and vitality, performance, and recovery, joint health, nutrition and weight control, which generate different benefits for the body, such as:

  • Energy and vitality: they are products that include components that work together with the reduction of fatigue before and during the performance of physical activity.

  • Performance and recovery: includes diversity of products with formats of capsules, gel and prepared in dust, still recommended to take it during the physical exercise with the aim of improving the performance.

  • Joint health: includes capsules, gels, or prepared in powder specifically formulated to promote muscle recovery.

  • Food and weight control: includes a great number of products that promote recovery after completion of the physical wear.

What are the benefits it provides Finisher athletes and opinions?

This line of products has been specially crafted to be consumed by athletes, since it contains a high amount of products and presentations that fit the requirements of each one.

These products have been designed to foster the nutrition of athletes and meet their requirements at the exact time, either prior to the sport for the listing of the agency; during practice in order to improve the performance.

As well as after long-term physical activity, with the aim of causing a more rapid recovery that generates as a result the performance of physical activities again with an excellent performance.

For this reason, it has developed nutritional supplements of the best quality that are suited to the various requirements arising from the physical activity, collaborating with the fulfillment of the objectives while avoiding the dizziness.

  • With the aim of providing energy at any of the stages in sports, he found the gels Finisher Intensity, as well as a Finisher Endurance while performing the physical activity.

  • To eat during, and after the training are FuturPro that includes PeptoPro, which is a milk protein predigerida, mixed with carbohydrates, minerals and vitamin C.

  • To maintain balance in the energy levels have been developed Generation Ucan that includes Superstarch, which is a hydrate of carbon that originates to 2 hours without falling violent of sugar. It also promotes recovery after exercise.

  • To eat after to complete the physical activity or between hours, is located Finisher Protein Bars which have been developed with the protein needed to support the growth and preservation of muscle mass.

The intake of any of the products Finisher favors the agency, whether taken before exercise or between meals, with the purpose of staying active throughout the day.

How does a Finisher kern and their products in the weight control?

The products Finisher collaborate effectively to the control of the weight, but originate excellent results if they are swallowed in the company of a balanced diet and daily physical activity.

In the same way can be quite difficult to recover the weight and the physical form after certain seasons in which you often lose control in power, as for example during the christmas season, originating as a result, may require extra help.

For these cases there is a Finisher Thermogenic, which is a food supplement includes components that collaborate with weight control in athletes and active individuals, resulting in an improvement in the decrease of the fat, while balancing the metabolism.

This product with thermogenic effect works efficiently with the degradation of the fat as a result of its content of citrus aurantium; while forslean or Coleus forskohlii, creating an optimal balance of storage.

The mix of these components helps in the control of weight and to be united to the hill arise as a consequence the control of the normal metabolism of fats.

Additionally, it includes other ingredients such as vitamins B6 and riboflavin, which collaborate with the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, while vitamin C promotes the proper functioning of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise.

You will also find the Carnipure or L-cartitina, which is involved in the transport of fatty acids into the cells for oxidation and as a result generate energy, while its content of chromium balances the normal metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

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