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Filorga is a brand aimed at the development of cosmetic products and personal health, with the use of ingredients of natural origin that promote the health and appearance of the skin, keeping it hydrated, exfoliated and with greater luminosity.

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This brand has developed numerous treatments with anti-age effect based on the cosmesoterapia, since these products and treatments mix the effectiveness of the techniques of aesthetic medicine and non-invasive character.

The products anti-aging cosmetics of this prestigious brand, collaborate with the conservation of the welfare and youth of the skin of all who use it.

How to start the brand Filorga?

This prestigious brand has its beginnings in the year of 1978, when the doctor of cosmetic surgery frenchman Michel Tordjman is magnetised by biology molecular starts Laboratories Filorga to conduct research about the complications of the aging of the skin.

During the conduct of their research about the aging of skin, is with the idea of improving the life of the cells by means of mesotherapy and begins with the preparation of injectable products that include hyaluronic acid.

In addition, this French doctor is the precursor of the NCTF or New Cellular Encapsulated Factors for its acronym in English, leading to an effective solution for the revitalization of the cells and the generation of actions of anti-ageing.

With this compound improves the quality of the skin as your results are directed to the reduction of wrinkles and pore size while improving firmness, hydration, brightness and uniformity of the tone of the face.

In the beginning, the NCTF was applied by means of mesotherapy anti-aging in various doctors ' offices, this treatment was a succession of micro-injections of NCTF that were placed on the layer of skin that lies under the epidermis.

Then this solution with revitalizing effect and anti-aging is transformed at the start of the NCEF or New Cellular Encapsulated Factors, giving rise to a compound revitalizing encapsulated innovative which is used in cosmetic products.

The products that include this product into the deeper layer of the skin, is known as the hypodermis, and is used for slow down the aging process of the skin and reduce imperfections that are already on the face.

What are the benefits to generate the products Filorga?

The products developed by Laboratories Filorga are an innovation in the area of aging, since its products are the result of multiple research programs that have generated great discoveries.

Their biological products collaborate with decreasing the signs of aging, thanks to the development of injections mesotherapy anti-aging, peels glycolic and filler for wrinkles injection.

Have been prepared creams that generate the elimination of the tiredness of the face, at the same time that reduces the staining of the skin and originate as a result a perfect skin, since there are multiple products that adapt to any need.

All products with an anti-age effect produced by this prestigious brand, which include active components such as hyaluronic acid, New Cellular Treatment Factor, poly-revitalising related to the hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight.

In addition, all products have been tested clinically and does not include parabens in their composition, because it favors the redensificación and the elimination of wrinkles originating as a result of a skin younger and revitalized.

All of their products generate an antiaging effect and are based on the medical quality of the NCTF and hyaluronic acid, generating anti-aging treatments that generate a non-invasive solution, but with the circular action of the aesthetic medicine.

Can be commonly used for the completion of the care of the skin, which are luxury products that can be purchased by any person resulting effective and visible results anti-aging.

What Filorga has a product that can be used for the daily care of the skin?

The answer is yes because that account with various creams that produce visible results in the reduction of wrinkles quickly.

Among the principal is located Filorga Time Filler Cream anti-Wrinkle Correction Absolute, that generates an anti-wrinkle effect by providing a care intense in the day and at night because it relaxes the skin, reduces wrinkles and prevents their appearance in a natural way.

In addition, has developed a cream that generates multiple benefits in the mixed skin, as it produces a matting effect with lifting action to reduce wrinkles, pore size, and the excess of brightness with a single product, that can be used day and night.

Similarly, there are treatments that should only be used at night as it is Filorga Sleep Lift Cream, Ultra Lift generated by a lifting effect, which rejuvenates and improves the surface of the skin of the face while you sleep.

What product has Filorga for the eye contour area?

This wonderful brand includes in its catalogue some of the products that diminish the unsightly wrinkles that are generated under the eyes, including creams, masks, sérums, and targeted treatments for this area so delicate.

These products have been designed to improve and preserve the youth in this area of the face, as that can visibly decrease wrinkles, small bags and dark circles under the eyes, at the same time lift the eyelids to increase your brightness.

How are the masks of Filorga?

Masks for the face developed by Filorga are an element of great importance in the beauty routine of any woman, because there are multiple masks that generate excellent profits in the skin of any woman.

There are masks that are designed to improve the hydration of the skin, at the same time that they increase the natural lighting of the face and unify the tone of the face, visibly decreasing the signs of skin fatigue.

In the same way, with masks aimed at wings skins of women between 25 and 35 years old who want to reduce blemishes, while preventing the signs of aging on the skin, thus improving its brightness and perfecting them in just minutes.

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