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Filorga Time Filler Mask Collagen Smoothing Mask 1 Unit


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  • Generates more intense results.
  • Smoothing effect.
  • Regenerating action.
  • Contains collagen.
  • Includes hyaluronic acid.
  • Facilitates the absorption of components.

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Filorga Time Filler Mask ascarilla Smoothing Collagen 1 Unit it is a black mask that generates a smoothing effect, since it includes an anti-aging serum that reduces wrinkles and generates a firming action, since it immediately tightens and its results are cumulative.

This mask generates a softening effect thanks to its Regenerating formula that includes collagen and the strength of a concentrated serum that generates a second skin sensation with visible results in just 15 minutes.

With its use, multiple benefits are generated since it reduces half of wrinkles in 2 months and is enriched with active ingredients that favor skin lifting and the elaboration of natural collagen, softening and regenerating the skin after the first application.

Filorga Time Filler Mask Mascarilla Alisadora Colageno 1 Unidad

Why use Filorga Time Filler Mask Collagen Smoothing Mask 1 Unit?

It is a mask that generates a smoothing effect thanks to its content of components that generates a filling effect and hyaluronic acid that improves the natural hydration of the skin.

It creates a double smoothing effect due to its content of active components with a tightening effect derived from wild sugars and plant sources that have been mixed with collagen of marine origin to generate a lifting effect.

They regenerate the skin and stimulate cells by their content of an algae derivative that generates a regenerative effect and reinforces the anti-aging action.

In addition, it includes a black fiber of Japanese oak that connects to the curves of the face, causing an improvement in the absorption of the ingredients, generating an immediate detoxifying effect.

After the first application it is left to act only 15 minutes and you can see how it firms the skin thanks to its tensor effect, smooths, regenerates and illuminates it resulting in it looking fresher and rejuvenated.

How does Filorga Time Filler Mask Collagen Smoothing Mask 1 Unit?

Filorga Time Filler Mask Collagen Smoothing Mask 1 Unit it has been formulated with the purpose of improving the elasticity, softness and firmness of the face, while providing an anti-aging regenerative effect.

Its content of peptides related to collagen of natural origin and Filorga's anti-aging cocktail that includes vitamins, amino acids and minerals originate a visible improvement in the appearance of the skin improving its appearance from its first application.

As a result, it creates a softer, smoother, luminous and firmed skin as it fills in small wrinkles and decongests the face, improving its texture and elasticity thanks to its immediate action.

It can be used once or twice a week as an intensive supplement to the anti-aging routine or to generate an immediate good face effect before makeup.

Who is Filorga Time Filler Mask Collagen Smoothing Mask 1 Unit?

It can be used on all skin types from the age of 30 as it generates a flash treatment, while generating multiple benefits, as well as a more beautiful and smooth skin.

It can also be used for more mature skins that require a supplement in their weekly anti-aging routine and that provides immediate and visible benefits on their skin.

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