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Filorga Time Filler Cream Mini Format 30ml


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  • Anti-wrinkle action.
  • Act deeply.
  • Contains Soft-Retouch active ingredients.
  • Provides filling effect.
  • Softens the features.
  • Rejuvenates the face.

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Filorga Time Filler Cream Mini Format 30ml it is a cream formulated to prevent and treat wrinkles as a result of its filling effect similar to that originated by Botox and mesotherapy, since it includes a complex based on Soft-Retouch active ingredients.

Its components have been selected to effectively reduce wrinkles, while relaxing the features and generates its rejuvenating action on the face, since its elaboration is based on the experience in anti-aging aesthetic medicine of Filorga.

With its application all types of wrinkles are treated, including the well-known expression wrinkles and includes a container that can be transported to any thanks to its mini size that contains 30 ml.

Filorga Time Filler Crema Formato Mini 30ml

Why use Filorga Time Filler Cream Mini Format 30ml?

It is a cream that provides an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect packaged in a size easier to handle and more like to transport anywhere, since it fights all types of wrinkles, expression, deep, superficial and those that originate from dehydration.

Its components generate a smoothing effect on wrinkles, while improving the hydration of the skin deeply to thus restore comfort and softness, while containing a gel cream texture that suits all skin types.

It includes a formula that mixes a collagen-enhancing peptide, hyaluronic acid and an active ingredient that generates a peeling effect.

How does Filorga Time Filler Cream Mini Format 30ml work?

This cream with corrective effect reduces wrinkles absolutely, thanks to its highly concentrated components that treat shrinkage, excavation and drying lines.

As a result, after 3 days they begin to see the decrease of the most superficial wrinkles, after 28 days the expression wrinkles and those located on the forehead may disappear.

What wrinkles does Filorga Time Filler Cream Mini Format 30ml treat?

Filorga Time Filler Cream Mini Format 30ml it has been formulated using all the experience in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging of Filorga, so it generates the visible decrease of all types of wrinkles, among which are:

  • Expression wrinkles: includes in its formulation a tripeptide that generates a botox effect that softens the skin, without generating paralysis in the expression of the face.
  • Sagging wrinkles: it contains a fairly strong peptide that, when mixed with encapsulated hyaluronic acid, causes a deeper diffusion and a visible improvement in volume.
  • Surface wrinkles: its content of an active ingredient generates a peeling effect that smoothes micro wrinkles, while a strong peptide related to NCTF reactivates the natural elaboration of the 6 main components of the tissues.
  • Surface wrinkles: in its formulation is a plant extract that conserves water and decreases wrinkles in a lasting way.

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