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Filorga Scrub & Detox Exfoliante 50ml


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  • Purifying effect.
  • Detoxifies intensely.
  • Generates double peeling.
  • Exfoliates the surface of the skin.
  • Results in just 5 minutes.
  • Reduces skin stress

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Filorga Scrub & Detox Exfoliante 50ml it is an exfoliant enriched with activated carbon in order to generate a skin detoxification instantly, since it improves skin hygiene in just 5 minutes.

It originates a double action since it detoxifies the skin in an intense way, while it originates a renewed skin in just 5 minutes thanks to its content of volcanic micro-spheres and renewing papina that eliminates impurities and leaves the skin smoother.

Its content of detoxifying polyphenols and active carbon result in reduced skin stress, leaving a visibly purer and brighter skin.

Filorga Scrub & Detox Exfoliante 50ml

How does Filorga Scrub & Detox Exfoliante 50ml work?

It includes a formulation that allows the realization of a mechanical exfoliation and a peeling-like exfoliation to generate better results in two times and a superior exfoliation with total softness.

  • The mechanical exfoliation is performed as a result of its content of volcanic microspheres that generate a cleaning in the pores and reduce impurities resulting in a visibly clean and fresh face.
  • Peeling-like exfoliation is generated by its rejuvenating papain content on the surface, as it reactivates cell renewal and improves the structure of the stratum corneum, creating a smooth and velvety skin texture.

Thanks to its mixture of super ingredients it originates an effective purification and an intensely detoxified skin thanks to its content of passion fruit polyphenols that reactivates the two main protection systems of the skin.

With its use it collaborates with the fight against daily aggressions and improves oxidative stress, resulting in a deep purification.

What are the components of Filorga Scrub & Detox Exfoliante 50ml?

The formula of this effective scrub includes passion fruit polyphenols and Activated carbon to eliminate contamination residues and impurities that bind to the skin, generating the results of a magnet and giving strength to the skin's defense systems against oxidative stress.

Its Papaya enzyme content creates a double exfoliating action that creates a peeling effect favoring cell renewal to generate an immediate smoothing result.

Volcanic microspheres generate a mechanical action that discards the residues of impurities that are lodged in the skin.

In order to reinforce its effect and generate its protection on the skin, it contains a complex that relates the moisturizing effect of Niacinamide with vitamin E, creates a protective barrier against external elements.

Who is Filorga Scrub & Detox Exfoliante 50ml aimed at?

Filorga Scrub & Detox Exfoliante 50ml it has been formulated to take care of the face, eliminating dead cells and causing an improvement in the renewal of the skin making it look brighter and thinner.

How is Filorga Scrub & Detox Exfoliante 50ml used?

It is recommended to apply on clean and moist skin with a gentle massage with circular movements.

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