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Filorga Lift Mask Firming Mask 1 Unit


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  • Generates the results of a concentrated serum.
  • Mask.
  • State-of-the-art compounds.
  • Anti-aging action.
  • Results in just 15 minutes.
  • Strong antioxidant effect.

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Filorga Lift Mask Firming Mask 1 Unit it includes a composition that generates the results of a serum concentrated in a state-of-the-art mask, creating an optimal anti-aging effect in just 15 minutes.

It creates a double effect thanks to its content of Plasmatic Lifting Factors that visibly tighten the features and plumps the skin, while generating an intensive anti-aging effect and a fairly strong antioxidant action.

Its components create a visible rejuvenating effect thanks to its Skin-lifting technology compound content, which is an innovative biocellulose texture that generates a second skin effect and provides superior freshness with a high spread of active ingredients.

Filorga Lift Mask Mascarilla Reafirmante 1 Unidad

What components does Filorga Lift Mask include Firming Mask 1 Unit?

Plasmatic Lifting Factors have been included in the preparation of this mask, which are a selection of active ingredients used in injectable treatments, among which are:

Plasma rich in cellular factors

It favors the toning of tissues since this plant extract from the rhizome of Turmeric Longa, includes a high concentration of cell growth factors reactivating the ability to restore cells and reactivates the production processes of elastin and collagen.

Natural collagen

It causes an intensive redensifying effect since this collagen is of marine origin and has a structure similar to that of the skin, improves the reserves of intrinsic collagen and attenuates the loss of physiological collagen that is generated during aging.

Hyaluronic acid

It originates a facial re-sculpting effect since it contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid extracted through a biofermentation procedure with excellent properties that favors the filling of the face.

It causes the redensification of the decayed skin areas, restoring the lost volumes and redefining the contour of the face.

Sophora Japonica Extract

It is an ancestral flower used in traditional Chinese medicine that reactivates the natural defense systems of the skin providing greater care and regenerating it in a sustainable way.

Skin-lifting technology

It includes ultrafine cellulose fibers originated as a result of biofermentation in order to propagate high doses of components to the depths of the skin for 15 minutes, creating an express lifting effect without the use of needles.

Who is Filorga Lift Mask Firming Mask 1 Unit?

Filorga Lift Mask Firming Mask 1 Unit it is formulated to be applied on all skin types, in order to reduce dryness, fatigue and tiredness of the dermis thanks to its content of active tensors of lifting effect.

How to apply Filorga Lift Mask Firming Mask 1 Unit?

Open the container, extend the mask and gently remove the protective mesh, exposing the gelled side, and then place on the face that must be perfectly clean.

When the mask has been applied, it is recommended to remove the second protective layer and let it rest for 15 minutes, improving the penetration of its components with the realization of gentle massages; it does not require rinsing and can be applied 3 times a week.

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