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Filorga Hydra Filler Moisturizing Cream Pro Youth 50ml


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  • Moisturizing effect.
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Regenerates tissues.
  • Reduces wrinkles.
  • Suitable for dehydrated skin
  • Improves luminosity.

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Filorga Hydra Filler Moisturizing Cream Pro Youth 50ml it is a cream with moisturizing effect that includes hyaluronic acid in its composition in order to moisturize and fill wrinkles from the inside to rejuvenate the skin.

To generate its excellent results, it includes in its composition NCTF, which includes 55 active ingredients, among which are 12 vitamins that reactivate the functions of cells and water-fixing lipids, while reactivating the production of filagrine.

In addition, it includes salicornia extract that intervenes in the synthesis of the lipids that make up the intercellular cement, effectively reducing the loss of water.

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What are the benefits generated by the use of Filorga Hydra Filler Moisturizing Cream Pro Youth 50ml?

This cream with moisturizing effect originates an effective care for up to 24 hours, in order to treat skin that is dehydrated and with an absence of luminosity thanks to its content of two types of Hyaluronic acid, high molecular weight and microfragmented.

With its frequent use it generates in the skin an improvement in the hydration and filling of wrinkles as a result of its anti-aging action, while the natural elaboration of collagen is reactivated reducing wrinkles and fissures in the dermis.

Its content of water fixatives and salicornia extract increase the strength of the skin barrier, decreasing the lines caused by dehydration and increasing the natural luminosity of the cutis.

With the increase of the natural elaboration of collagen, an improvement in the filling effect originates, causing its benefits to be visualized daily and the hydration is preserved for up to 24 hours.

How does Filorga Hydra Filler Moisturizer Pro Youth 50ml work?

This cream originates a moisturizing effect reactivated the rejuvenation of the skin, since it provides all the strength of a treatment with extrapure hyaluronic acid managing to improve the vitality of the dermis in an intense way.

Hyaluronic acid retains up to 1000 times its weight in water resulting in an effective improvement in skin hydration, so its formula includes two types of hyaluronic acids, high molecular weight and micro fragmented.

Thanks to its content of hyaluronic acid it generates a micro-filling and moisturizing effect, while its relipidizing complex provides an improvement in the balance of its moisturizing factors.

Its content of NCTF, reactivates the natural production of collagen decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and grooves in the dermis, so that the skin remains will be filled and the fine lines generated by dehydration will be smoothed.

Its components result in a texture of gel balm, which generates a matte result and gives dehydrated skin a feeling of comfort.

Who is Filorga Hydra Filler Moisturizing Cream Pro Youth 50ml?

Filorga Hydra Filler Moisturizing Cream Pro Youth 50ml it has been formulated for those who have dry and dehydrated skin, in order to improve its hydration and generate a visible filling of wrinkles.

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