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Filorga Hydra Filler Mask Hydrating Mask 1 Unit


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  • Generates a second skin effect.
  • Improves skin hydration.
  • Filling effect.
  • Results in 15 minutes.
  • Contains hyaluronic acid.
  • Restores its natural volume.

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Filorga Hydra Filler Mask Hydrating Mask 1 Unit it is a white mask made with natural Filorga fibers, in order to generate intense hydration in the skins that are dehydrated, which have lost their luminosity and natural vivacity.

It generates its results in just 15 minutes thanks to its content of hyaluronic acid, resulting in an improvement in the hydration of the skin, providing a filling effect, restoring its vitality, freshness and natural luminosity.

Its formulation has been designed with the purpose of treating suffocated skin, with dull tone and those that are dehydrated in a fairly fast way.

Filorga Hydra Filler Mask Mascarilla Hidratante 1 Unidad

What benefits does the use of Filorga Hydra Filler Mask Hydrating Mask 1 Unit generate?

This mask with moisturizing effect brings all the power of a concentrated serum, creating a second skin effect in order to provide greater hydration and a healthier appearance in just 15 minutes.

It includes in its composition hyaluronic acid mixed with a complex similar to MFN which is a natural moisturizing factor and aloe vera, to generate in the skin an improvement in hydration and increasing its volume quickly.

Its aloe vera content provides vitamins, minerals and trace elements to reactivate the skin, improving its luminosity and restoring its freshness to the complexion.

In addition, it includes a transformative technology that is embedded perfectly to the curvature of the face causing an improvement in the penetration of the active ingredients into the skin.

What does Filorga Hydra Filler Mask Moisturizing Mask 1 Unit?

This mask includes natural fibers that have been extracted from the Eucalyptus pulp in order to provide a more intense absorption of the active substances included in the formula, resulting in superior hydration of the skin. In addition, it includes:

  • Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: provides immediate results in the hydration of the skin, while favoring the filling of wrinkles.
  • Aloe vera: provides a high content of vitamins A, C and E, minerals and trace elements, such as iron, Zinc, Amino Acids and Enzymes for a refreshing effect and an improvement in luminosity.
  • NMF-Like complex: contains natural hydration factors such as amino acids, lactic acids, urea, sugars and mineral ions, reactivates the skin's moisturizing elements that store water, resulting in results that last longer.

How do I apply Filorga Hydra Filler Mask Hydrating Mask 1 Unit?

Filorga Hydra Filler Mask Hydrating Mask 1 Unit it should be placed on clean and toned skin, after completing the facial hygiene routine, one or two a week, leaving it on for a period of 15 minutes.

When starting the protective mesh should be removed and does not require rinsing to remove it, nor use moisturizing treatments, since it moisturizes intensely and its results are increased with its frequent use.

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