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Filorga Global Repair Eyes & Lips Eyes Lips 15ml


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  • Multi-revitalizing treatment.
  • Suitable for the eye and lip contour.
  • Improves the firmness of the lips.
  • It includes a component known as NCEF.
  • Revitalizes the skin.
  • Improves their nutrition.

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What is Filorga Global Repair Eyes & Lips Eyes Lips 15ml?

Filorga Global Repair Eyes & Lips Eyes Lips 15ml it is a treatment formulated to generate a multi-revitalizing effect in the eye and lip contour area, since it has a concentrated formulation that generates regenerating results.

For its elaboration, the techniques of aesthetic medicine have been taken into account, so it generates an intensive rejuvenating effect on dark circles, bags and wrinkles; while restoring the juiciness and firmness of this skin as a result of its NCEF content.

In our parapharmacy you can Buy this treatment with the purpose of generating superior care in delicate areas, managing to reduce the marked contour of eyes and lips, tired eyes, dark circles, bags and wrinkles.

Why Buy Filorga Global Repair Eyes & Lips Eyes Lips 15ml in Pharmacy Market?

This product has been designed with a specialized formulation to provide multi-revitalizing effects, causing a strong corrective effect of aging and the skin is left with a totally velvety result.

It has an excellent Price in our parapharmacy, so you can buy it for the care of devitalized skin, while improving its nutrition and generating more intense results on the visible signs of aging.

Its composition has been designed to improve the most delicate areas of the eye and lip contour, causing a beneficial anti-aging effect as a result of its NCEF content, to cause its effects on tired eyes, dark circles, bags, wrinkles, dehydration and imperfections.

It includes in its composition 3 super nutrients that work synergistically to restore elasticity and vitality naturally in the skin, causing a general anti-aging effect due to its content of 50 meso ingredients and 4 cellular enhancers.

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In Pharmacy Market this cream has Offer that will help you enjoy the care it generates in the skin to fight against all the signs of skin aging of the eye contour area and around the lips.

Its formulation generates excellent results in the care of these delicate areas of the face, providing stimulating effects that favor the general correction of the area of the gaze and causes a softening effect around the lips.

Benefits of Filorga Global Repair Eyes & Lips Eyes Lips 15ml

Filorga Global Repair Eyes & Lips Eyes Lips 15ml it has been formulated to generate more intense nutrition in the skin around the eyes and lips as a result of its content of 3 super nutrients, such as ceramides, omegas and vitamins.

It originates an effective anti-aging action in general, while improving the hydration and nutrition of the skin in a deeper way, managing to firm and lighten the skin noticeably, while providing a strong stimulating and smoothing effect.

Composition of Filorga Global Repair Eyes & Lips Eyes Lips 15ml

NCEF, hyaluronic acid, tuberose extract, sesame seed extract.

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