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Filorga Cofre Optim Eyes Eye Contour 15ml + Gifts


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  • Pack to reduce dark circles, bags and wrinkles.
  • Minimizes the visible signs of aging.
  • Reduces signs of fatigue.
  • Treats wrinkles.
  • Increases the radiance of the skin.
  • Smoothes, revives and revitalizes the skin.
  • Filorga Optim Eyes 15ml
  • Filorga Lift Designer 7ml
  • Filorga Meso Mask 15ml

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Filorga Optim Eyes Eye Contour Box 15ml + Gifts it is a chest specially made by the Filorga brand, aimed at the care of the eye contour and includes two gift products that generate an anti-aging effect on the face.

With the use of the products of this chest, the skin is given vitality, while the luminosity is increased and the beauty of the look and face is improved, since these products are dermatologically tested.

En this pack includes three products that reduce anti-fatigue on the face and eye contour such as Filorga Optim Eyes Eye Contour 15ml, Filorga Meso-Mask Smoothing Illuminating Mask 15ml and Filorga Optim Eyes Patch Gel 2 Anti-Fatigue Patches.

Why Buy Filorga Cofre Optim Eyes Eye Contour 15ml + Gifts at Farmaciamarket?

Optim Eyes Eye Contour is a treatment formulated to improve and take care of the area around the eyes, as it visibly decreases the coloration of dark circles, the volume of bags and the appearance of wrinkles.

With its use, a filling effect is provided to the wrinkles that are in this area thanks to its hyaluronic acid content, while reducing the signs of fatigue resulting in a fresh and noticeably rested look.

This cream includes a formulation that reduces the visible signs of aging thanks to the fact that it generates a triple action:

  • Dark circles: removes pigmented residues to decrease their coloration as a result of its content of matrikin and chrysin complex.
  • Bags: reactivates microcirculation in order to reduce the volume of the bags thanks to its peptide content.
  • Wrinkles: contains a trio of hesperidin-based smoothing actives that reduces wrinkles around the eyes.

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It is a mask that generates a smoothing and illuminating effect, which provides greater care to the skin, improves its luminosity, reduces wrinkles and signs of fatigue, increases its vitality, smoothes and unifies the tone of the complexion.

It includes an excellent content of collagen, elastin and rhamnose polysaccharide that favors hydration, smoothing of the features, reduction of redness, lightening of the tone, increase of luminosity, restoration of flexibility and softness to the skin.

What is FILORGA Optim Eyes Patch Gel Anti-Fatigue Patches?

They are gel patches that provide a feeling of freshness to the eyes in order to generate a more rested look, thanks to their triple action:

  • Dark circles: reduces the coloration of dark circles thanks to its reactivating active enriched in polysaccharides and vitamin PP.
  • Bags: contains toning Peptides mixed with Witch Hazel and Cornflower Water to reduce bags.
  • Wrinkles: its content of a relaxing molecule generates a smoothing in the skin and generates a noticeably smoothed look.

Composition of Filorga Optim Eyes Eye Contour Box 15ml + Gifts

Hyaluronic acid, matriquins, chrysin, peptides, hesperidin-based smoothing actives, collagen and elastin, rhamnose polysaccharide, witch hazel, cornflower water and vitamin pp.

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