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  • Farmatint 6N Dark Blonde 150ml
    Farmatint 6N Dark Blonde 150ml

    Farmatint 6N Dark Blonde 150 ml it provides a natural color and wide duration to obtain and wear a hair and bright with natural reflexes, formulated without parabens and without ammonia and with plant ingredients and natural oils. Thanks to the Active Color Complex generates a microfilm that protects the color applied on your hair. Contains Pot of dye 60...

    9,99 € -12.954% 8,70 €
  • Farmatint 7D Golden Blonde 150 ml
    Out of stock
    Farmatint 7D Golden Blonde 150 ml

    Farmatint 7D Golden Blonde 150 ml gel cover 100 percent of the gray hair in a simple way, with natural ingredients and vegetable oils are perfect for the continued use without burning the hair. Wide variety of colors available in Farmatint. Without ammonia, Without Paraben make it more natural that no one who cares but your hair.

    9,99 € -12.954% 8,70 €
  • Farmatint 4N Chestnut 150ml
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    Farmatint 4N Chestnut 150ml

    Farmatint 4N Chestnut 150ml gives you a natural color free of parabens and ammonia that covers gray hair in their entirety, with a pot of gel 60 mla that mezclaras the easy way with the developer of color and some gloves very practical. It contains 2 envelopes active complex of 15 ml, which will protect the color and hair with a single patent.

    9,99 € -12.954% 8,70 €
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