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Farmatint it is a brand specialized in the elaboration of hair dyes, each one has a formulation that originates an optimal coverage of the hair, so after its application the color of the roots and gray hair will be effectively covered.

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  • Farmatint 7D Golden Blonde 150 ml
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    Farmatint 7D Golden Blonde 150 ml

    Farmatint 7D Golden Blonde 150 ml gel cover 100 percent of the gray hair in a simple way, with natural ingredients and vegetable oils are perfect for the continued use without burning the hair. Wide variety of colors available in Farmatint. Without ammonia, Without Paraben make it more natural that no one who cares but your hair.

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  • Farmatint 6N Dark Blonde 150ml
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    Farmatint 6N Dark Blonde 150ml

    Farmatint 6N Dark Blonde 150 ml it provides a natural color and wide duration to obtain and wear a hair and bright with natural reflexes, formulated without parabens and without ammonia and with plant ingredients and natural oils. Thanks to the Active Color Complex generates a microfilm that protects the color applied on your hair. Contains Pot of dye 60...

    9,99 € -12.954% 8,70 €
  • Farmatint 4N Chestnut 150ml
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    Farmatint 4N Chestnut 150ml

    Farmatint 4N Chestnut 150ml gives you a natural color free of parabens and ammonia that covers gray hair in their entirety, with a pot of gel 60 mla that mezclaras the easy way with the developer of color and some gloves very practical. It contains 2 envelopes active complex of 15 ml, which will protect the color and hair with a single patent.

    9,99 € -12.954% 8,70 €

Each of its formulas contains a selection of vegetable principles and essential oils, which prevent hair from deteriorating, since they do not generate an aggressive effect on it.

In none of its compositions ammonia is included, it can be applied on all skin types, since it does not generate any unfavorable result on the body, at the same time that it has a superior durability.

What are the benefits of using Farmatint dyes?

Product Farmatint they have been designed to be easier to apply, while they have formulations designed to provide superior coverage throughout the hair resulting in a more intense and luminous color.

Its mixture of components generates an improvement in the hydration of the hair, preserving its excellent results from the root, since it includes a selection of components that provide greater protection and prevent breakage.

It does not include unpleasant odors and its composition has been designed in order to preserve an intense color for up to five weeks, being able to be used on sensitive skin without causing any damage.

At Buy Farmatint an effective product is acquired that can dye or improve the color of the hair in a quite natural way, without generating deterioration due to its continuous use, being advisable to acquire it in specialized sites and in our parapharmacy.

Each of the formulas of these dyes includes a selection of vegetable ingredients, among which are wheat, oats, soy, corn and oleic acid in order to care, nourish and moisturize the hair for the time in which the coloring process is carried out.

In addition, each presentation includes a balm that includes ceramides in its composition, providing superior protection throughout the hair and its mixture of components has been dermatologically tested.

Does the Farmatint brand have a wide variety of colors?

Between the Farmatint offer it has a wide range of colors in order to adapt to all tastes and requirements, providing two presentations, such as cream and gel.

None of the formulations includes ammonia or chemicals that may cause any unfavorable effect on the skin, while fulfilling a double function, providing change in tone and care to the hair, among the different shades are:

  • 7C ash blonde.

  • 6C dark ash blonde.

  • 5R light brown copper.

  • Cr10N platinum blonde.

  • 5N light brown.

  • 2N brown.

  • 7N blond.

  • 10N platinum blonde.

  • 4D golden brown.

  • 8R copper blonde.

  • 4R copper chestnut.

  • 3N dark brown.

  • 4M mahogany chestnut

  • 7N mahogany blond.

How do Farmatint dyes work?

After preparing the dye following the instructions found in the box, the application process begins and upon contact with the hair begins the creation of a micro film throughout the hair.

This protective barrier favors the prevention of breakage, while collaborating with the repair of split ends and increases their strength, since it has an exclusive formula that includes natural ingredients.

Its composition collaborates with the penetration of color in the hair, causing it to be preserved with a higher intensity for up to 5 weeks, since for its elaboration ammonia is not included avoiding that dryness originates in the hair.

Its mixture of components has been selected to generate greater care in the hair, managing to protect it from the effects that may cause the dye, taking care of the scalp, preventing it from drying out and itchy.

In addition, it has two types of texture such as gel and cream, which prevent waste or loss when applying it, collaborating with a simpler application and certifying that the entire mixture is used.

Among the plant components it includes are oats, wheat, soy and corn, which have been selected for the protection, nutrition and hydration that originate in the hair during the coloring process.

At the same time they collaborate with the restructuring of hair fibers and provides greater respect for the hair and scalp, since its formulation is free of ammonia, paraffins, parabens and silicones.

Each presentation includes balm containing argan oil and macadamia oil provides an improvement in the hydration and softness of the hair, while the keratin restructures, recovers the luminosity and balance of the hair.

While the hydrolyzed silk creates a balm effect on the hair conditioning and aloe vera provides a soothing, refreshing and caring effect naturally.

How are Farmatint dyes applied?

After the preparation of the dye it is recommended to start the application, starting at the roots and applying the product until they are all covered, leaving to act for 20 minutes.

When this time passes, the rest of the dye should be applied to the rest of the hair with the application of a gentle massage and left for 10 minutes to originate its excellent results, so the total application time will be 30 minutes.

What are the Opinions of Farmatint dyes?

The natural formula it includes has originated as a result various Farmatint reviews being mostly positive, as a result of its content of vegetable ingredients and natural oils that are mixed with the most innovative technologies.

This brand has a presence in the market since 1994, since it has opted for natural formulations of plant origin, since it does not include ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, or PPD.

In addition, the Price of Farmatint it is according to the amount of benefits it originates and the care it provides, both to the mane and the scalp, while it is a fairly simple product to apply that nourishes the hair fiber.

Its composition completely covers gray hair leaving a superior softness and a more luminous hue, so it has more than 10 shades, including natural and golden colors that provide superior dermal tolerance.

You can find it here always at the best price of cheap promotion. Buy now.

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